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Personally, I think the fact that it isn’t very profitable to practice scalping with a brokerage isn’t its disadvantage. My opinion is that scalping isn’t the peak of a career for real, professional traders. Short-term trading can be done by any trader with almost any brokerage. But long-term trading requires more favorable trading conditions and more professional skills of traders. It’s easy to understand what is so “dangerous” in AAFX and other decent brokerages with an offshore registration.

So, i found AAFX in a very weird way, i just surfed the internet and faced some of the AAFX reviews. I read all of them and decided to change my previous broker over this one. I want to trade comfortly so that’s why I’m here. Broker support customers with welcome, redeposit and refer a friend bonuses. Small minimum depo enter and flexible accounts conditions is fine for all.

Sounds simple, but trust me, so many online brokerages can’t cope with this simple task. Trust me, unreliable order execution can cost you much more than those pennies you can save by choosing a cheap but lousy brokerage. It would be realy better if the broker considerd increasing other methods of payment such as paypal.In my opinion AAFX is one of the competent brokers to trade with. So what guarantees of profit can a broker give if each of us trades independently?

Maybe this is due to the fact that they have such a huge client base and a lot of servers, so the load on the servers is within acceptable limits. I am more inclined to the variant that they have adjusted their work quality, so the trade is carried out accurately. I like the structure of trading conditions depending on the account type. Fixed spreads allow disregard volatile periods in intraday high-frequency trading, while variable spreads suggest no additional commissions.

I do not fully understand the feedback, in which traders say that the company provides little training, etc. Because it is not the direct responsibility of a brokerage company. I saw spreads bigger than 200 pips in majors. I trade with some other brokers and there I have some success but with AAFX this is not possible. They extend their spreads that much so your stop loss is always hit, no matter what size of the market price is placed.

my weird experience with this broker

This is a plus if you are working with a large number of orders at the same time. I like this brokerage service, and I will continue trading with it. I haven’t been trading for a long time, so the first thing that attracted me to AAFX was the education and detailed technical analysis. You know, it’s essential to have the information you can rely on.

On the other hand, if your trading objectives are very precise and you need all the bells and whistles the broker has to offer, then you need to upgrade to a VIP account. $100 is the minimum balance for a fixed and ECN account, for VIP, the minimum balance required is $20,000. When it comes to the commission for deposits and withdrawals, the broker remains untransparent. Looks like the idea is to deposit and find out.

How Online Trading Scams Work

Once upon a time, back in the early days of my trading with AAFX Trading, I was trading with good profits using a grid of orders. I prefer trading with high leverages and this is the reason why I join the community of this broker. It offer good leverage actually which suit my goals in trading activity.

aafx trading review

The company is also registered and incorporated in Malaysia and has an office in Hong Kong. For a new clients aafx gives free 35% welcome trading deposit bonus with min 500$ deposit in a beginning.Good opportunity to start earning even from a start. No matter how much money do you have its all about your trading strategy. You don’t even need no more info its all in one. In my opinion, aafx is a nice broker to deal with.

AAFX Trading Forex broker description

AAFX is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. And therefore U can trade cryptocurrencies here. A true ECN account instantly transmits your open or close order request to the LP. A 60 second minimum order time is typically a sign of a broker operating in market-maker mode and needing to hedge its net orders. I signed up with this brokerage service from an affiliate link he gave to me. Yeah, I did him a favor by letting him earn on me, but I was ready for this and I respect this person.

AAFX Trading supports MetaTrader 4 and 5 along with dedicated mobile app and web trader support. In simple words, regardless of the kind of device you are using, they have something which you can work with provided you have internet access. Anyone who is familiar with the trading sector and has reasonable experience will never face any problem and will find themselves at home with the default applications. By the way, these are the only crypto assets available with the broker.

AAFX Trading brings a lot of interesting propositions for affiliates and marketers. Anyone who is interested to work with them can either promote them or use the white label platform to make the most out of their traffic. The exact rate of the commission per client is unknown, but we strongly believe that it is based upon the trading volume each affiliate generates.

What is a forex trader salary?

Salary Ranges for Foreign Exchange Traders

The salaries of Foreign Exchange Traders in the US range from $29,734 to $790,251 , with a median salary of $142,040 . The middle 57% of Foreign Exchange Traders makes between $142,040 and $356,880, with the top 86% making $790,251.

We will gladly give you personalised steps to get your money back from them. The leverage doesn’t change regardless of the account type you choose and bond trading strategies based upon your strategy, you can opt for any figure you want or are comfortable with. Lastly, do know that they also offer Islamic friendly accounts.


We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. And then you start to manage your money yourself and spend it on things that interest you. It’s good that I found my life’s work, the field that I’m most interested in. AAFX Trading is exactly the place where there is an opportunity to make money from money itself, there is no need for any intermediate link.

aafx trading review

This builds trust in the company and allows you not to worry about the conditions in which you will trade. Nevertheless, this broker is not bad at all. I would like to note its commission-free and swap-free nature. I liked their demo verсion, which is functional enough to plunge into the atmosphere of real trading and try different tools.

Nevertheless, I think it would be wrong to keep all my money with one broker, so the company I opened my account with. I like the conditions of the company much better than my first AAFX campaign. That’s why I will be transferring more money here.

What is AAFX Trading?

At first I used MT4, for the last year I have been working on AAFX MT5 Mobile and Tablet Features. Also, AAFX Trading has long enough been of the market , and this is very important for a popular broker. Therefore, the broker does not lose in this. cmc markets review Since I have not traded on MT4 for a long time, I believe this platform is outdated. All you need is just effective risk management, as you should never go all-in, that’s the basic idea. Ofc, that’s not the way for trading for every person.

Perhaps I’m an eternal optimist but I think that those times are already in the past, when a good broker can just rapidly become a scammer and betray its clients. Anyway, companies-shifters are left behind in the past 20 years ago. Of course I don’t like everything here, for example the fixed spreads are high, well really. Just from a positive point of view, for me there are much more positives than drawbacks, so I can say that the company suits me and that I will continue to cooperate with them. As for the reasons why I opened an ECN account here, that’s probably swap-free trading.

I was in search because I wanted to start trading stocks on the stock exchange, but I realized that now it is difficult for me, so I decided to start trading here. When I trade with a broker, I know that AAFX has flexible conditions for traders. There are no significant drawbacks unless you are a scalper. I also do scalping, but my positions are on average in the market for about 5 minutes. I asked this question to the broker, and the support answered me that this rule is set by the bank.

Below is an in-depth review of AAFX Trading to help you make an informed decision before opening your account or trading on their platform. Since AAFX Trading is not regulated, traders have no regulator to ask to intervene if there is a problem. Moreover such brokers compete for every client. So the tech support here always works at 10 out of 10. They have refused to talk about it or respond to my messages ever since.

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A modern forex broker is a combination of reliability, support and range of services. Besides, there’s a large list of funding methods to choose from. The list of financial instruments has everything possible, starting from traditional currency pairs, energies and metals, and finishing with ETFs and cryptos.

I also take part in an affiliate program of the broker to attract new traders and have already started earning from it. The roots of forex that is foreign exchange market can be traced backed to the end of 1970’s after many countries decided to unpeg their currency against dollar and gold. Forex or FX or Forex market became a decentralized hub for currency trading.

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Yes, they have additional investment programs, but I’m not interested in it, I’m trading on my own and I need good conditions. AAFX has something I really need, therefore connect robinhood to tradingview I switched to them and don’t regret it. In fact, I haven’t used bonuses at all for a long time, because I once read that this way brokers block withdrawals.

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