PICK A COURSE to transform learning as Sri Lanka’s first ever independent educational content hub

For individuals and students exploring educational pathways, especially those seeking information on higher education programmes or even for seasoned professionals to pursue dream careers, PICK A COURSE as Sri Lanka’s 1st and largest independent education hub was launched recently to transform learning and provide a launchpad towards education and career milestones.

PICK A COURSE is the country’s most advanced Independent Course Finder and Educational Content Provider with over 5,000 courses listed across 350 universities and institutes.

Commenting on the launch the Founder said, “PICK A COURSE began with the mission of empowering learners to make the most informed decision when it comes to their education and careers while simplifying the complex world of education to anyone who wants to get the best out of an investment in learning. From those who are just stepping into higher education to active job seekers and even seasoned professionals, we promise you nothing but the best way forward no matter where you are in life. We place learning at the center of our strategies as we firmly believe that educational ambitions should be unlimited in scope and reach. As an independent course finder and educational content hub, www.pickacourse.lk assures students and professionals they have come to the right place which creates new possibilities and learning opportunities for people by connecting them to the information they need to succeed in a changing world.”

PICK A COURSE offers a unique feature of comparing two courses based on important attributes such as course curriculum, duration, university etc. Depending on a student’s preference of education stream, the site offers an expansive course finder to help students gain information on courses which are offered in the country.

Students can select from a wide range of subjects such as Business Management and Specializations, Science, Technology, Engineering,Mathematics (STEM), Education, Psychology, Arts and Media, Law and Administration or Aesthetics (Performing Arts, Dancing, Music and Crafts).

PICK A COURSE also information on wide range of aesthetic subjects, providing individuals the opportunity to try something new or upskill in a recreational hobby they are already passionate about.

For students or professional who are seeking overseas study options, the site facilitates their dream by providing comparable information on education migration, qualification frameworks and approval processes in different countries.

To set individuals on the correct pathway, PICK A COURSE offers free personal consultations with industry experts from a wide range of sectors with proven track records and specialist knowledge to mentor individuals on the best choice of courses given their status and future aspirations.

PICK A COURSE also offers a range of free courses for individuals to develop their modern-day work-skills and necessary professional skills. These are available on PICK A COURSE’s Youtube and TikTok platforms and since the site launched two weeks ago has already attracted a considerable audience.

Additionally, free resources such as advice from renowned opinion leaders as well as experts from corporate and educational backgrounds will be available via PICK A COURSE’s social media platforms and blog.

To engage with PICK A COURSE and progress towards a rewarding destiny contact the team via Whatsapp 0774 418 418 or email hello@pickacourse.lk. Education institutes are invited to list their courses on the site, to create awareness on pathways available and gain a wider student audience.


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