Exterminators certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’

Exterminators Limited announces that the company is Asia’s first and one of the few pest control companies in the world to be certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’.

The company created history by scoring 100% points in the ‘Trust Index’ in all focus areas during the certification process. Exterminators gained 100% results in the ‘Trust Index’ covering all focus areas such as leadership behavior, innovation, engagement, respect, equity, corporate image, support, caring, community, collaboration, pride, hospitality, communication, competence, camaraderie, fairness, impartiality, credibility and integrity which is a tremendous achievement. Marlon Ferreira Founder/Managing Director, Exterminators stated “We entrusted our employees, no matter their role, to bring innovation from every corner of the organization and to help develop and enhance the quality of our services while mitigating our environmental impact. We are also proud to announce that the wages at Exterminators is 73% higher than the Sri Lanka per capita.”

According to the World Bank, Sri Lanka’s per capita is USD 3,682 in 2020, at Exterminators its USD 6,380 (source Oct 2021 payroll).

He further stated that in honouring the employees’ contribution the company selected six employees with joint service of over 70 years and offered 2% of the stake of the company in May 2021. Since June 2020 the salaries of all employees was increased by 10-50% even during the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic and four motor-bikes were gifted to four technicians and another bike on the retirement day of an employee.


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