Japanese CSR initiative launches ‘The Nagmori Foundation

The opening ceremony of the Nagomori Foundation was held recently along with its web launch at the Light House Galley.

Japanese philanthropist Satoki Nagamori spoke about his endeavors to help the under-privileged students in Sri-Lanka. Nagamori said he wants to continue his efforts to help these kids reach their maximum potential. The majority of these children undergo difficulties pertaining to the lack of proper education, medical services, social discrimination and injustice.

Nagamori not only wants to assist them with better education but also solemnly desires to provide ongoing support for the future of these children in order to give them a better standard of living.

Nagamori further stressed that it’s not just the children who are suffering from poverty but with the onset of C-19, more people are affected with social issues and livelihood concerns. He wishes to do so by providing moral and vocational guidance and services to help them achieve their dreams for a better life and a promising future.

Currently, quite a many Japanese as well as Sri Lankans contribute to the welfare of the Nagamori Foundation that is a non- profit organization. The organization’s main goal is to help the underprivileged children to obtain proper education and overcome the social challenges they face today. Nagamori thanked all the partakers involved in the Nagamori Foundation and emphasized that their collective efforts help pave the way for a prosperous society by way of extending sound education to all who are in need of it.

“We are welcoming all the donors who want to help us from Japan and Sri Lanka to come and join with us to accomplish this meritorious task and more details could be obtained from their Website


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