Toyota Lanka introduces testing method to verify genuine products

Toyota Lanka has introduced a method for testing whether the products purchased are genuine Toyota products. Every spare part and motor oil container carries a hologram sticker. Once the purchaser scratches that and sends the pin number revealed to 071 29 39 000 as a SMS or scans the QR Code, the customer can ascertain the authenticity of the product by the instantaneous reply.

Toyota Lanka is the only exclusive authorized importer and distributor for brand new Toyota vehicles from Japan and genuine Toyota spare parts and motor oil in Sri Lanka.

Toyota Lanka, 100 % owned by its true Japanese parent company the Toyota Group, is equipped with locally and overseas-trained technicians and an excellent staff capable of providing high quality after sales services.

Toyota genuine spare parts and motor oil complies with manufacturers’ recommendations and are guaranteed to work smoothly in all conditions. Presently, counterfeit spare parts and motor oil have massively invaded the Sri Lankan market causing problems and disadvantages to vehicles and danger, mental distress and unnecessary expenses to vehicle owners as they have a very low durability.

Using counterfeit spare parts can affect other parts of the vehicle. Furthermore, there is an element of risk involved as there are no guarantees or after sales service for them. For vehicle owners, the risk factor deeply undermines the small profit gained by purchasing non-genuine spare parts.

For example, if non-genuine brake pads are used and brakes fail at a crucial moment, the lives of all in the vehicle will be in great danger. Hence, vehicle owners are always advised to use recommended genuine parts for safe journeying.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil and Transmission (Gear) Oil increase the longevity of gear boxes of Toyota vehicles and are the only motor oil with highest global standards that are available in Sri Lanka. Using counterfeit motor oils causes defects like fast engine wastage, engine vibration and reduced engine efficiency. It is advised to use genuine Toyota parts and motor oil for safety of family and vehicle.05.3


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