Modern Learning Studio launches in One Galle Face Mall

Modern Learning Studio (MLS) working towards the goal of prioritising quality education, catering to the future generations with a style of education that is entirely focused on holistically improving children and their skills according to their specific and personalised needs opened their premier centre in the One Galle Face Mall, connecting two very different sectors to provide education in a mall.

After establishing itself in 2016, MLS has grown to become a prominent player in the education industry, changing many preconceived notions about what education is.

Their new premier centre will provide first-class service for all kids and parents while offering an invaluable addition to the mall. Instead of kids loitering around as parents do their shopping, this time can be spent productively, with activities and coaching sessions that are dedicated to the child.

The MLS premier centre will offer multiple exciting programmes which include; MiniMe Adventure – Weekend Preschool to build skills in a play-based learning environment; LeDo – Learn English By Doing, an interactive way to learn English; robotics, aeronautics and science experiments; as well as One on One Personalized Coaching Programs. The premier centre caters to the requirements of the mall;MLS’s services extend far beyond this, with their main concept of education being based around child-centred learning.

Founder and Director of Modern Learning Studio, Yasmin Mubarak explains,“Modern Learning Studio is working towards changing the concept of education from the traditional one teacher to many students, to student-centred personalised education. This is a very new system, and we are working to change it and establish this system worldwide.”

MLS studies the child and their particular learning style in order to properly assess how they learn and which areas they would require coaching in. Then, a teacher would be assigned for one-on-one coaching, which would continue until the child is confident in their skills and abilities.

MLS provides everything you need to get you through a traditional schooling model; also providing everything else that you wouldn’t usually get from your typical school. Skills like public speaking and communication skills, self-confidence training, accelerated reading and so on are given priority; giving the child everything they need to be the most successful version of themselves.

“We are based on concepts of social-emotional learning in a 21st-century educational framework which focuses on critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration, to provide personalised support for children to grow as individuals,” Yasmin added.

MLS will continue to be a pioneer of modern education in Sri Lanka and across the world, with their new premier centre at One Galle Face Mall being the first step in their growth and expansion.


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