HNBA & HNBGI holds Women Empowerment Forums

HNB Assurance PLC (HNBA) and HNB General Insurance Limited (HNBGI) recently held a series of forums focused on all employees with the aim of discussing the topic of biases and barriers and to further the agenda of equity within and outside organizational boundaries.

This programme featured sessions by Chiranthi Cooray, General Manager and Chief Transformation Officer of Hatton National Bank and Non-Independent/Non-Executive Director of HNB General Insurance Limited and Professor Arosha Adikaram, Chair Professor of Department of HRM at Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo, who have had a long-standing commitment towards “equity at workplace” agenda.

Speaking at the forum, Chiranthi Cooray expressed her views stating, “Every year, during the month of March we come together to laud, celebrate and pay tribute to the spirit of womanhood, but it should not only be limited to March. Our commitment towards gender equality, breaking the bias and creating a difference where women are valued and celebrated should be renewed every day. Gender inequality manifests in the distribution of resources, work, power or even time. We must truly accelerate our efforts to break all barriers and norms and build a sustainable future of inclusion, diversity and equity for everyone”.

Sharing her views, Professor Arosha Adikaram stated, “Every woman is strong, confident, and powerful in her own way and women have achieved great milestones both personally and professionally by immensely contributing to the development of today’s society and economy. As we celebrate the strength of women, we should ensure that women are recognized for their efforts, contribution, hard work, and for balancing multiple roles in their day-to-day lives. It is even more important for everyone in the society to help women to achieve their goals and dreams. Hence, is it crucial to build a world free of all forms of bias, discrimination and stereotypes and inspire women to love themselves, take care of themselves and achieve their heart’s desire”.

In demonstrating solidarity to the agenda of breaking barriers, Lasitha Wimalaratne, Chief Executive Officer of HNBA and Sithumina Jayasundara, Chief Executive Officer of HNBGI shared their views and pled their fullest commitment.

HNBA and HNBGI Chief Human Resource Officer Dinuka Pattikiriarachchi, explained the provisions provided at policy level as well as practice to protect and develop all employees.

“Women are not defined by the choice of clothing, lifestyle, or profession but by her strength, knowledge, resilience, confidence, and courage”.


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