Bluechip Technologies UK— The newest development start-up in London

Bluechip Technologies Limited is a brand-new development start-up in London ready to help companies in all industries and all sizes with their development requirements. Located in DEVONSHIRE HOUSE 60 GOSWELL ROAD, London, UK the company offers a range of service development services, including AI solutions, mobile development, blockchain, cloud solutions, and technical consultancy.

The company aims to deliver their exclusive solutions not just to businesses in the UK but also in the entire European market. Thus they believe that their London headquarters will provide strategic location convenience in serving the European market.

The management of Bluechip Tech comprises professionals who have strong backgrounds in IT and development and over 10 years of hands-on experience in the industry, which brings expertise, resources, connections and experience for Bluechip Technologies’ success.

“We are excited to serve the UK and the European market with our expertise in AI, Blockchain, BI and other advanced technologies. We believe that with our experienced team, we can deliver a service that is second none in the industry regardless of us being a young company. “ Said Uditha Bandara, Founder of Bluechip Technologies UK He is also the founder & CEO of Bluechip Technologies Asia, a leading development company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

I believe that Bluechip Technologies will redefine the development solution experiences in the European market. Our well-thought-out operational strategy with headquarters in London and the operational branch in Hong Kong and Sri Lanka enables us to offer all our solutions at unbeatable prices without compromising quality. We are excited about the journey ahead. Said, Mr Tharidu Dasanayake. Director, Bluechip Technologies UK

The company would like to thank London Partners, who have helped them with consultations and other guidance in establishing the company in London.


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