Trainocate looks to improve workforce utilization of ICT infrastructure

There is a reason Trainocate became the first Asian company to win the coveted Microsoft Worldwide Learning Partner of the Year Award in 2021. With over 25 years of experience, Trainocate is the largest IT and human capability development training provider in Asia. Dominating the market with a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region, it operates in 19 locations across 14 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, USA and is now set to establish its presence in the UAE.

Trainocate has top tier partner status with leading vendors and organizations such as AWS, Cisco, CompTIA, DELL-EMC, EC-Council, Fortinet, Google, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Nutanix, Oracle, PMI, Pulse Secure, Red Hat, Rocheston, SAP, Trend Micro and VMware to name a few.

“We function as the bridge between the vendors such as Microsoft, AWS, Google, and the partner, also the bridge between the partner and the customers. A partner has to commit to the vision and the goals of a vendor,” stated UAE CEO Zafarullah Hashim

The CEO also said that though the technical staff was aware of the technology available in the organization and focused on technical capability, on the contrary, the end-users are at times oblivious and were lagging in completing their day-to-day tasks with optimum efficiency.

With this in view, Trainocate has come up with its own Learning Management System (LMS) called Remote End-User Self Enablement Training (RESET). It’s a platform that has a wide range of content on Microsoft 365 collaboration and productivity working tools.

Zafarullah believes that moving into cloud infrastructure would be the best in this new normal, given that Cloud enables you to do large-scale business at a lower cost while improving the service quality. Cloud-hosted desktops help make both your business and IT leaner, faster, safer, and more productive. Artificial Intelligence is used across industries globally. Some of the industries which have delved deep into the field of AI to find new applications are E-commerce, Retail, Security and Surveillance. Trainocate has introduced another tool called the Trainocate Assessment Tool (TAT) which allows organizations to assess their individuals, and identify their competency level or any skill gaps. This is the ROI of the investment an organization makes in training its teams.


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