British Council contributes to environmental protection in Chilaw

The British Council along with Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC, attempts to find a solution to protect the environment with the help of the youth. The Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC handed over the responsibility of this project to Caritas Chilaw Janasaviya SEDEC.

The Puttalam District has an irrigation system that spreads across the district. The Anavilundawa Bird Sanctuary and the Wilpattu National Park add an important part to protecting the climatic balance of the district. In addition, there is a multitude of small forest reserves across the district.

With the leadership of Caritas Sri Lanka and The British Council, training programmes to empower and educate the youth in this regard were conducted.

This programme was held continuously for six days in two stages, with the attendance of sixty young people. The comprehensive training which focused on identifying environmental problems and how it affects human life as well as finding solutions to these issues, was conducted by experienced individuals.

Creating proposals to get the necessary financial, societal and other forms of support from the authorities and people from different levels in society was included in the training.

To help implement this project, The British Council of Sri Lanka extended financial support to this project. As a result of this international level training programme whichh was conducted for the youth, plans were meted out to protect six environmental systems.

The second stage of the project, themed Gamata Diyawara, aimed to provide water to a village through the renovation of the lake by removing Japan Jabara which was hindering it. In addition, Kumbuk trees were planted close to the lake. To add to the success, the people of the area and farmer associations also supported this.

Their main aim is to increase the density of water level, arrange the system for their daily use as well as the development of agriculture and aquaculture.


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