Elephant House ice cream launches ‘Super Heroes Powered by Dialog’

Elephant House ice cream, Sri Lanka’s most loved and trusted ice cream brand has yet again embarked on a new venture to connect with the future generations of the country.

On this occasion the leader in ice cream and confectionary manufacturing is partnering Sri Lanka’s premier connectivity provider, Dialog Axiata PLC to initiate a programme for kids enabling them to connect, engage and grow.

Elephant House Super Heroes powered by Dialog is an island-wide talent competition conducted under three categories, ‘Super Talent’, ‘Super Innovator’ and ‘Super Responsible’, and recognises the innovative skills, outstanding talents, and efforts taken towards driving sustainable living.

Three winners across the three categories will be selected over 4 months, with weekly prizes for the kids who participate. Elephant House Super Heroes powered by Dialog will help to nurture and hone the talents of Sri Lanka’s youth with exciting rewards that will facilitate them in their academic pursuits and talent development opportunities.

Under the ‘Super Innovator’ category, children are encouraged to showcase an invented or improved upon innovative device/idea conceptualized in 2021 – 2022 using existing resources. Unique entertainment skills including dance, drama or other creative talents are showcased under the ‘Super Talent ‘category. The ‘Super Responsible’ category includes those who have crafted a solution/plan/invention that will make a valuable contribution to society.


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