IIHS establishes International School of Western Australia

The International Institute of Health Sciences (IIHS) has established The International School of Western Australia (ISWA) introducing the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) to Sri Lanka for the first time.

SCSA, on behalf of the Western Australian Government and IIHS recently agreed to introduce an internationally recognized Australian educational system to Sri Lanka, which is an alternative to the British educational system that exists in Sri Lanka.

The International School of Western Australia, affiliated with IIHS, offers an Australian education system where students will get an ATAR score which is the Advanced level scoring system in Australia at the end of the program similar to the Z score offered in Sri Lanka.

In the end, students receive certificates approved by the Australian Government. Students pursuing education under WACE enjoy several benefits, including prioritization in higher education opportunities in Australia, applying for visas and applying for jobs.

Students with minimum B pass in English, Mathematics and Science in London and local O/L examinations can apply for this. Students with a C pass can also enrol after a 3-month Preparatory Program. The International School of Western Australia will initially enrol three groups of 30 students each and will increase the number of enrollments in the future.

Education is also conducted under the supervision of the Australian Education Authority. Initially, science stream subjects including mathematics, biology, human biology, physics, chemistry, and English as an additional language will be taught. Later, arts and commerce streams will also be launched.


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