appiGo moves to its brand-new head office after scoring its homerun with e-commerce web solutions

appiGo, an e-commerce service provider powered by hsenid, deemed to be one of the best in the business has relocated to their new head office at 100, Ward place, Colombo.

Against the backdrop of Covid pandemic when the businesses were desperately looking for ways to reach people, keep up with their sales numbers, pay their employees, and on the other hand where people had to resort to stay home, face difficulties to access local shops, hold back their cravings, BAM! That’s when appiGo stepped in right away and lent a hand to both the parties by providing innovative solutions for all their complaints.

This impressive adaptability is one of the excellent reasons that made appiGo spring up and make their way to the top.

The “cool” new head office essentially shatters the whole notion of a quintessential workplace, where we often get to see jam-packed cubicles deluged with desktops and telephones.

The modern, spacious bullpen office with a profusion of high-end tech gadgets including ultra-fast broadband makes it a paragon of tech start-ups out there in Sri Lanka. Another cool attribute of this workplace is its amicable and fun environment which allows its employees to have a good time while working long hours which improves workforce efficiency and effectiveness. And diversity? It should not even be a question here. Alright, in a good way.


Author: shehan

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