“Sri Lanka can double revenue from IT services exports by 2025”

Sri Lanka’s domestic economic and energy situation does not improve within the next six months, more than 50% of IT companies (especially those with foreign affiliations) would look at moving out of Sri Lanka, mainly with an eye on India.

“The energy issue has aligned multiple other problems around it and looking towards the future we need to think about a Boomerang Strategy,” said CEO of Elegant Media, Anushka Bandara.

“If we look at fuel for example, if the government were to provide the required energy for IT service exporters, then the much-needed foriegn currency would flow in and help to support the economy. We have to give to get and instead of focusing on non-essential sectors, IT service exporters must receive priority or at least a subsidy or solution for their energy issues that will boomerang their way back to the island in dollars.”

Today Bandara speaks to ‘Daily News Business’ on the difficult way forward for the IT Sector at this critical economic juncture.

Q: Give us a brief description about Elegant Media and its operations?

A: Elegant Media was founded in 2010 and is the largest mobile app developer in Australia and New Zealand. We have worked with the Australian Government, Department of Defence, Army, Air Force and the Australian Taxation Office, to name a few of our valued clients.

Elegant Media has developed a wide range of mobile app solutions for customers across Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Sri Lanka.

In terms of managing a local team we at Elegant Media follow a hybrid model of working, so each project will have an assigned team and the Project Manager would be based in the country of the client.

My core development team is based out of Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, with additional remote teams in Eastern Europe and Ireland as well.

We connect our projects through a virtual development process that drives success across different borders and time zones, in order to deliver value to all our clients.

This process ensures ultimate collaboration and communication when undertaking projects that are commercially important with pre-agreed timelines and deliverables. All the Project Teams shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

Q: Describe the role of the IT Service Exporters in boosting the Sri Lankan Economy?

A: If we look at this present moment in Sri Lanka, we have depleted our foreign reserves and therefore we need to focus on avenues to bring in foreign currency.

We need to look beyond the traditional export channels of tea, rubber, coconut, apparel and tourism in order to overcome this situation because even the regular inflows from migrant remittances are not reliable any more. IT services as an export was valued at close to 1.5 billion USD in 2019 and I believe we can easily make it 3 billion USD within the next three years.


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