Recruit ideal employees to navigate your businesses to realise your vision

Almost all Entrepreneurs and businessmen are witnessing a horrid time due to the pandemic related problems beside economic and political turmoil. Few of them are lucky as they are grappling on their way to reach the pinnacle of success in spite of the turbulent and troublesome period. But, the majority are forced to face arduous tasks in order to survive in the respective industries. Their focus is right now on “cost cutting and retrenchment”.

By having “lean and mean business organisations” it may not drive such organisations to provide comprehensive customer service and customer care due to limited service personnel. Hence, those to have “delighted customers” are an uphill task.

Though cost cutting and retrenchment are need of the hour, in translating your company vision to reality, these may not assist you to meet or exceed your expectations in such endeavours.

If so, what next?

I may strongly suggest you to consider focusing on your “People, tasks, processes and Procedures” in a vibrant, resolute and dynamic manner.

Should you be interested, you may consider to evaluate, assess, re-assess your people and align and realign them with the tasks, processes and procedures accordingly. The surest and best way to manage change is to “create changes and change with the change” to be the Number one in the respective industries.

You need to motivate and inspire your people in order to do their best in these tough times.

In my humble opinion it is advisable to recruit and train self motivated people who have a passion, purpose, principles as well as go getters, performers and a result oriented people.

These people are like the coconut trees. Once you plant them you need not to worry about them or the results. They also need minimum or no supervision.

On the contrary if you hire people who are not motivated, then they are like the rose plant who would need constant motivation on a daily basis as you need to water and protect the rose plants frequently.

It is in your hands to decide whether you want to grow rose plants or the coconut trees.

Please note that motivation comes from the external sources and it is temporary. You need to take it like a daily bath. Whereas inspiration comes from internal source and it is longlasting like your breath.

Hence, you need to hire people whom you could inspire and meet or exceed your organisational goals, objectives and values.

Striking a balance between speed and wisdom:

Furthermore, these freshers could be easily taught and trained to perform well at a “better speed” throughout their careers thereby bringing revenue and profits to your organisations.

However possible limitations with them will be lack of experience, wisdom and better decision making skills.

For this purpose you could depend upon the experience of your senior people who have “wisdom” but may not have the “speed” element in terms of action. Therefore, it is suggested to have teams having a mix of seniors and freshers working towards re-establishing your companies like the phoenix birds rising from the ashes.

Since Manager role has become obsolete in organisations, you should encourage team work and each member to have their responsibilities with the assigned leader of the teams. We need leaders as they could transform the team members to be successful and super performers.

These are the people whom you could depend on for your business successes.


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