Bristol Institute opens opportunities to attain three top UK degrees in Sri Lanka

Bristol Institute of Business Management one of the leading educational institutes in the country, with the aim of supporting students in Sri Lanka gain top career prospects on a global scale, in spite of the present economic crisis prevailing in the country, are now offering the chance to gain internationally accepted UK degrees from the highly ranked University of the West of England, Bristol that can be studied and completed in Sri Lanka.

The degrees offered include the BA (Hons) Business and Management, BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance and Foundations Programs in Business Management and Accounting Finance by Bristol Institute.

The BA (Hons) Business and Management is aimed at applicants with aspirations to become the business managers and leaders of tomorrow, where students will be challenged to think critically about theories, frameworks and ideas related to business and management, to develop their skills as a strategic decision maker. With an innovative mix of experiential learning and knowledge development in terms of the role, function and influence of managers and leaders in a changing business world, the degree provides participants with opportunities for innovative and entrepreneurial skill development.

With the role of the accountant having altered dramatically to meet the needs of economic change driven by internationalization, the BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance gives an in-depth understanding of how accounting and finance fits into the broader context of business and management and develops skills to apply accounting and finance strategies that enhance corporate and business value. Backed by a solid grasp of accounting techniques, taxation, financial management, corporate reporting, financial control, audit, treasury, regulatory compliance and professional ethics, this degree is one that is well recognized for it’s industry-relevant curriculum.

The Foundations Programs in Business Management and Accounting Finance offers a range of modules covering all areas of business from marketing, accounting, finance, strategy and human resource management, equipping students with a robust toolkit for successful careers in business and finance.

Trusted and respected by employers across the world, each of these degrees offer excellent value for money and is designed, quality-assured and directly awarded by University of the West of England, where students will gain precisely the same qualification as those in the UK and learn from exactly the same cutting edge teaching practices. As such, these degree can be a bridge to the world, enabling those completing the degrees to become the most promising, most prepared version of themselves, to confidently compete for global career opportunities.

Chief Operating Officer of Bristol Institute M.J.M. Dilshad said “our institute offers the same exceptional standard of teaching and degree qualifications that are designed, quality-assured and directly awarded by our UK university. These degrees have captured prominence internationally and offers an ideal pathway for those searching for global careers in business, management and finance and will demonstrate to an employer the academic, organizational and management skills attained.

He further added “every year there is competition for places at the most popular universities across the world, that makes getting acceptance into highly ranked universities a big challenge. This is even more heightened for students in Sri Lanka with the ongoing economic crisis, leading to many students finding it difficult to join foreign universities due to the uncertainly of their ability to finance their studies. The increase in the dollar has also raised rates of payment making it very expensive to study overseas. In such circumstances, the best bet for local students is to select to study at a local institute affiliated with a highly ranked UK university such as ours and gain the same UK degree for less than half the cost. Our intention is to support students in Sri Lanka during this crisis to gain the qualifications they require to progress towards their dream careers, which is the best way we can lend a hand to our young generation during these challenging and volatile times.


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