Bristol Institute offers degree to prepare the country’s future talent for careers in the world of international business

Bristol Institute of Business Management recently launched their BA ( Hons) International degree with the aim of preventing brain drain and instead train the country’s future talent to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies to be innovative leaders with the ability to effectively and ethically navigate the complexities of a changing, culturally-diverse global business environment and to successfully operate organizations in both multicultural and world contexts.

Speaking of this initiative, Chief Operating Officer of Bristol Institute M.J.M. Dilshad stated “given the current context with the need to build our local businesses to compete successfully in the global arena and generate much needed export revenue means it is essential for our young professionals and future talent to learn how to help the companies they work for compete in the global marketplace . As such, professionals today must learn the strategies, policies, norms, and technologies necessary to conduct international business, develop an overseas customer base and ultimately manage international business operations. This is what led us to launch this degree that will guide our participants to learn what it takes to expand a business to a global market”.

He added “ we have always worked to build capabilities around confidence and resilience into all our courses and this is one such degree that we believe will support our future talent develop the ability to support the organizations they work for in helping them to successfully position themselves in the global market .

Offered in collaboration with the University of the West of England, the degree explores contemporary issues in International Business (IB) across a variety of organizational contexts, with strong emphasis on socially responsible business management, cross-cultural capabilities, international strategy, managing operations globally, managing people, projects, finance, HR, marketing and logistics across different cultures and environments.

The teaching methodologies of the degree include task-based learning to develop problem-solving skills, group work to encourage communication and experience sharing, discussion and reflection to encourage inquiry, application and analysis, and experimentation group work.

Allowing participants to build a sound appreciation of the different approaches to doing business in different countries and continents, while developing their commercial knowledge of the global business environment, this degree is currently the most highly ranked degree offered in the country in International Business, which is designed, quality-assured and directly awarded by University of the West of England. Students thereby gain precisely the same qualification as those in the UK and learn from exactly the same cutting edge teaching practices.

Dilshad further explained that this one-year programme is ideal for talented applicants who have an HND or advanced diploma qualifications. “The number of applications we have received so far shows the competitiveness of this degree and that there is a clear appetite for it” he said .

Developing the sought-after skills and knowledge in key areas of international business, this degree is set to be an ideal pathway to prepare the country’s future talent to be a successful leaders that will support our organizations to make a mark on the world stage.


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