Seylan Tikiri rewards children for WNPS Wild Kids Backyard Wildlife Photography Competition

The Backyard Wildlife Online Photography Competition, organized by the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society’s (WNPS) Wild Kids initiative concluded recently for the third consecutive year. Seylan Tikiri, the leading minor savings account from Seylan Bank, stepped forward as the Official Banking Partner to reward four weekly winners and an overall winner for the most outstanding wildlife and nature photographs captured in the backyards of children’s homes.

Running for a period of three months, the competition encouraged the WNPS ‘Wild Kids’ to go outside and connect with nature. The entries showed a plethora of wildlife being photographed including spectacular species of birds, butterflies, lizards, spiders and many more, turning the backyards into a red carpet of local wildlife. The competition was open to children between the ages of 6 and 12, and received over 600 entries. Anton Jude Vinushan, Timaandra Bartholomeusz, Thesanya Karunaratne and Samiru Santhuja Rajapakse were adjudged weekly winners, while the latter walked away as the Overall Winner of the competition.

As one of the pioneering minor savings accounts in the country, Seylan Tikiri keeps abreast with the changing interests of children across ages. Photography is one the areas that children show a keen interest in, and the Backyard Wildlife Online Photography Competition was an ideal platform for the bank to partner with, to reward and encourage children.

Speaking about the competition, Gamika De Silva, Assistant General Manager – Marketing and Sales, Seylan Bank stated, “Seylan Tikiri is known for its creative ways in engaging children to pursue their hobbies and passion, while encouraging them in the habits of saving as well as other important aspects that will enrich their lives. As the Official Banking Partner of WNPS, we have carried out several projects that have encouraged children to connect with nature and wildlife. As we also realized that children are increasingly interested in photography, we wanted to merge the two interests and thus brought to life the Backyard Photography Competition.”

WNPS initiated the ‘Wild Kids’ project with the objective of forming an interest in the environment and highlighting the importance of conservation through education and fun-filled activities.

Sharing his thoughts on this initiative, Jehan CanagaRetna, President, Wildlife and Nature Protection Society, said, “Connecting to nature and wildlife does not necessarily mean braving the wilderness in search of rare species in remote locations. It is present in your own backyard and a good eye for nature can supply an impressive variety of wildlife to observe and photograph. With our Wild Kids project, we want to open up every opportunity that can fuel the passions and hobbies of children that can connect them to nature and learn to appreciate what is around us.”

Seylan Tikiri has been a leading force in encouraging children in their habit of saving for the future, while simultaneously devising a variety of initiatives that help to unlock their potential by identifying where children’s interests lie. This is carried out through numerous competitions, workshops, events and partnerships covering the whole island. Those interested in opening a Seylan Tikiri savings account and following their activities can do so by visiting the Seylan Bank Facebook page, the Bank website or by calling 011 200 88 88.


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