Agriyo Green Solutions wins ‘Merit Award’ for best website

Agriyo Green Solutions, a pioneer in providing high-quality shade nets won the Merit Award for the best e-commerce website at Sri Lanka’s Prime Technological Award ceremony organized by

The award was awarded on the basis of superior service provided by the Agriyo Green Solutions website with regard to the purchase, sales of goods and services, and transmission of currency data. The recognition was given to Agriyo Green Solutions for its website’s innovative and creative design, user-friendly graphical user interface, artistry, technology, high- quality content, all-around consumer convenience and accuracy of the information. The event was held under the patronage of Susara Kawudawatte, CEO of Axiata Digital Labs.

Agriyo Green Solutions Director Anjula Chaminda and Supun Ravindu, a web developer who was instrumental in developing the Agriyo Green Solutions website, represented the company. Agriyo Green Solutions is known for its high-quality services in providing shade nets for cultivation, fisheries and agriculture sector, and is a main island-wide distributor of such

products and services. They are recognized for their exceptional and convenient customer service which is provided via their website and WhatsApp. “ is an innovative and creative website that connects customers all over the island to satisfy their needs pertaining to cultivation, fisheries and agriculture that brings in foreign revenue to the country,” Director of Agriyo Green Solutions Anjula Chaminda said.


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