Calls on international community to assist countries in financial distress

India’s External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar called on the international community to rise above narrow and parochial national agendas as assist countries like Sri Lanka which are in financial distress.

While saying that he referred to the unprecedented assistance of USD 3.8 billion extended to Sri Lanka in 2022 as an instance of an exceptional measure during exceptional times by India.

On India’s neighborhood policy, Dr. Jaishankar noted that the accumulation of debt in fragile economies is of particular concern to them. He reiterated India’s commitment to stand in solidarity with her neighbors on matters such as disaster response and humanitarian aid.

The new India, as a vibrant democracy and a sound economy, under the stewardship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is making headway in the global political scenario.

It is emerging as a heavyweight in the world political landscape sooner than expected, with significant economic growth to back up its credentials.

Within seventy-five years of its independence from the British colonial raj, from being one of the poorest members of the world community to acquire a pride of place, India has been able to redefine its economic model, recording a significant growth rate and even displacing the United Kingdom in the world ranking.

It was feasible owing to the sheer dedication of the political leadership from the very inception. However, Prime Minister Modi gave new dimensions and impetus to the Indian political model as a new democracy and a new economic model with rapid growth.

India’s rise to the stardom of the world economy has been meteoric and it was quite evident when External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar projected India’s vision to the United Nations General Assembly of seeing the entire world as one family.

Dr S. Jaishankar, who delivered India’s statement on September 24 at the United Nations, said that India is resolved to create more capacity for global good in the next 25 years.

He called for greater unity and solidarity and said they should work together on global issues such as terrorism, pandemics and the environment. Seven hundred projects by India across the world underline the focus on green growth, better connectivity, digital delivery and accessible health.

During his discourse, Dr. Jaishankar reaffirmed India’s philosophy of responding to the needs and priorities of its partners throughout the world.

Jaishankar underlined Prime Minister Modi’s consistent policy on peace, dialogue, and diplomacy. He repeated the remarks made by Prime Minister Modi to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit held in Samarkand recently that this is not an era of war, adding that it is a time for development and cooperation. However, Jaishankaremphasised India’s “zero-tolerance” approach to terrorism.

The External Affairs Minister dwelt on the green policies declared by Prime Minister Modi in Glasgow on the sidelines of COP26 as India’s homage to Mother Nature and reiterated support for any collective and equitable endeavour to protect the environment for further global wellness.

He pointed out that the injustice faced by the Global South should be decisively addressed, expressed India’s willingness to take up greater responsibilities, and made a call for reformed multilateralism with reforms of the UN Security Council at its core. This is an elementary requirement for the global south, Asia and Africa, for a better disposition of the affairs of the United Nations Security Council.


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