ICCSSL, CSE partner to promote Company Secretaries’ programme

The Institute of Chartered Corporate Secretaries of Sri Lanka (ICCSSL) partnered with the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) to promote the Company Secretaries’ Programmed, designed as a joint effort by both parties to achieve the objective of efficient functioning of Company Secretaries of listed entities, to ensure compliance with regulations and governance frameworks pertaining to market operations.

The collaboration will promote the capital market and the journey of a listed entity to directors and secretaries, corporate law firms and financial professionals while identifying the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders in the business.

The programme modules will include an introduction to the capital markets, amendments to the listing rules, listing criteria, life as listed entities.

CSE CEO Rajeeva Bandaranaike stated, “It is a very important program that is custom-made for listed companies to help them continue their business as a listed entity.

The program will create awareness on the corporate best practices, investor relations etc. Listed companies are a key segment that contributes greatly to the Sri Lankan economy, and we are glad to be partnering with ICCSSL in a productive series of initiatives to promote the Companies Secretaries programme.

The CSE is looking forward to creating a positive impact on the listed companies as a result of this strategic collaboration.”

ICCSSL President Hemali Ellawala stated, that with this programme ICCSSL believes it will help the Company Secretaries of listed entities, staff in Corporate secretarial firms who act as company secretaries for listed companies, Governance professionals, financial professionals, Directors and other stakeholders to be updated and be in a position to help a key segment that contributes to the Sri Lankan economy, as in listed entities to move forward efficiently in a transparent manner, which is very important at this stage of development.


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