Hasini Gunasekara recognized as South Asia’s outstanding contributor to Women’s Empowerment

Hasini Gunasekara Entrepreneur, Director of Naturals Salon Chain in Sri Lanka, and Managing Director of International Academy of Beauticians was recognized as an outstanding contributor towards women’s empowerment and was awarded the Woman Influencer Award at the recent South India Miss & Mrs – 2002 Award Show organized by the All India Hair and Beauty Association.

This recognition was awarded for her exemplary efforts in providing a platform for women to pursue a profession and be economically independent through Naturals Lanka Grooming (Pvt) Ltd. She was instrumental in taking Naturals, India’s No. 1 Salon Chain, international.

“The journey of an entrepreneur can be difficult with most of the motivation being self-driven. In an environment of uncertainty, receiving this recognition and to be on the same platform alongside professionals of another country was an amazing experience,” Hasini shared, “I feel proud knowing that the community in India recognized my efforts and it is a great encouragement for me to know that I have reached beyond the boundaries of my country.”

Naturals Lanka Grooming (Pvt) Ltd is the chain of franchisee salons based in Sri Lanka, operating with 100% local ownership. “Franchising was a novel concept in the Sri Lankan business world at the time we decided to launch Naturals Sri Lanka. However, it proved to be a successful concept.With the support of my team, I have been able to expandand today we are seven salons strong,” she said.

Groom Sri Lanka is Hasini’s key vision for her customers. “I want everyone to take care of themselves and have that personal confidence for themselves. One of my biggest dreams is for all Sri Lankans to have access to affordable, comfortable luxury services for personal grooming.”

The International Academy of Beauticians was established by Hasini to provide high quality hairdressing and beauty education, in a safe space for all studentsand supply employable skills to the industry.


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