AMW – Castrol and Audi Renew the Strategic Partnership in Sri Lanka

In line with the sustained global strategic partnership between Castrol and Audi, AMW Group and Drive One Pvt Ltd, authorized representatives of Castrol and Audi in Sri Lanka, inked the agreements recently to renew the prestigious partnership in Sri Lanka by another 3 years.

Being two of the biggest brands in the global automotive industry, Audi and Castrol have been in a flourishing strategic alliance since 2008 and their joint research and development efforts have resulted in the formation of tailor-made lubricant solutions for Audi’s unique engine technology requirements. Especially, the collaboration between the two brands has brought about significant improvements in fuel economy and CO2 reduction across fuels, engine oils and transmission fluids in recent years.

The Audi – Castrol partnership in Sri Lanka has been in effect for the last 14 years, enabling Sri Lankan Audi lovers to maintain their esteemed rides in perfect condition, adhering to global standards.

Castrol being the officially recommended brand of lubricants by Audi, the renewed Audi – Castrol partnership will ensure that Audi lovers in Sri Lanka are provided easy and uninterrupted access to Castrol products. Thus, as Castrol prioritizes Audi customers, they will be safe from any potential shortage of lubricant stocks in the market as a result of the current forex crisis.

In order to provide the best service to Audi customers, Castrol has installed a state of the art lubricant dispensing system for Audi vehicles at the Drive One workshop in Wattala.

The management of AMW Group including Managing Director – Peter Mackenzie and the Head of Lubricants – BP Castrol – Charith Panditharatne and others met up with their counterparts at Drive One Pvt Ltd recently to sign off the official agreements pertaining to the renewal. Hiran De Silva, Managing Director- Drive One Pvt Ltd, Nimantha Hatharasinghe, Director – Drive One Pvt Ltd took part in the occasion representing Audi Sri Lanka.

AMW Group and Drive One Pvt Ltd cherish the continuance of the Castrol – Audi partnership in Sri Lanka and believe that specially in the current context, the renewed partnership will deliver more strategic advantages to both Castrol and Audi in Sri Lanka.


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