Tyre House Trading launches Veedol in Sri Lankan

Tyre House Trading introduced Veedol, the century-old lubricant brand to the Sri Lankan market recently.

At a press conference held last week, Managing Director, Tyre House Trading, Sunil Fonseka said Veedol was an important introduction to the Sri Lankan automobile market and irrespective of the economic conditions experienced currently, maintenance of vehicles would not cause an additional burden due to its affordability.

Fonseka said,“Veedol, was introduced in 1913, in the USA by TideWater Associated Oil, in 1914 Veedol was chosen by Henry Ford for the first mass produced car T-Ford. In 1928 Veedol was used as the engine lubricant for the first aircraft, the Graf Zeppelin, to fly around the world. In 1931 the lubricant was used for the first non-stop mono flight across the Pacific Ocean named Miss Veedol. in 1978 Mercedes-Benz, used the lubricant in its C111 – III diesel engine category, which established 9 world records, posting speeds of 325 kmph and in 1979 Veedol synthetic oil was used for the space shuttle, Columbia USA.”

General Manager Lubricants, Tyre House Trading, Prabath Jayawardena said they would be introducing Veedol at a very good market penetration price and the lubricant is expected to be well-received by automobile users.

He said when considering the quality standards in petrol and diesel they had the highest quality grades ‘API SN PLUS’ for petrol and ‘API CK-4’ for diesel.

“Having a lubricant with this quality range we can offer it for a value for money price to our customers,” Jayawardena said.

The quality of the base oil and synthetic products they obtain is equal to the highest grades available in the Lankan market. The advantage they have is the possibility to offer these high quality products at a much lesser and reasonable price, he said.

Jayawardena also said Veedol is a UK brand and they obtain the product from the Indian blending plant and planned to have a 1% market penetration in 2023 and increase it to 3% penetration in 2024.

Veedol has 19 blending facilities all over the world serving more than 70 countries. It is registered in Edinburgh, U.K, with global rights for a wide trademark for the master brand-Veedol. European Engine manufacturers recommend Veedol lubricants. Mercedes Benz, VW, Audi, Peugeot, MAN, BMW, GM Dexos, Mack, Volvo, Renault, and MTU are a few of them. Veedol is an OEMs for Honda Motors and scooters, Honda Cars, Hero Moto Corp., Kubota, Yamaha, and Kobelco for the supply of co-branded and genuine oils.


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