Sadaharitha Ithiry App launched to provide discount to the entire nation

For the first time in the history of Sri Lanka a discount app has been launched by, Sadaharitha which offers attractive discounts to Sri Lankans island-wide. Every Sri Lankan who installs the Sadaharitha Ithiry App on his or her mobile phone can enjoy attractive discount rates when they purchase from any shop of food beverages or clothing & many more including hotels, hospitals, health services, and education services islandwide.

Sadaharitha Group, the pioneer in the field of green investments in Sri Lanka is also known to have introduced a novel way to increase dollar income by introducing Agawood to Sri Lanka. Now, has launched this Discount App to commemorate its 20th anniversary this year.

For the past several years, the organization, through its Privileged Card facility, had provided over 35,000 of its loyal customers the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable life, by obtaining special discounts during transactions which they had carried out islandwide.

This time, the Sadaharitha has raised the bar of its own unique customer service to a higher level by introducing the Ithiry App which could be used on iOS as well as Android platforms. Customers using the Ithiry App can enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits when purchasing products of more than 350 local brands. Accordingly, customers using the app are eligible for these discounts when they shop at over 1000 shopping centers island-wide. The Sadaharitha Ithiry App provides attractive discounts and benefits by providing some sort of relief to those living in trying economic conditions in the rural parts of the country.

To enjoy the exclusive discounts and benefits, visit the App store if your mobile phone operates on iOS platform, or the Play store if your phone operates on Android. Search for Ithiry and download the app. Enter your phone number or Google account or Facebook account and activate the Sadaharitha Ithiry App account.

Once the account is activated, users will be able to know all details of the brands, stores and services that offer discounts. In addition, users will also have the opportunity to know the prices of such goods and services they are looking for, and also the availability of same. Once the users complete their purchase and make their payment, they can scan the QR code in the respective store using the Ithiry App and thereby get the discounts and benefits.

Mr. Jayampathi Mirando, Director, Sales and Marketing, Sadaharitha said: “We are a local company that has gained people’s trust over the past twenty years. We are always committed to support the people of this country. Part of our vision is to achieve our financial goals and to support our people. Through the Ithiry App discount service and help them to make their lives comfortable.”

Mr. Niroshan Manawadu, General Manager (Training and Network Management) of Sadaharitha said: “The year 2022 marks the 20th anniversary since the company was established. Our company, which has had a successful journey, as the leading green investment company in Sri Lanka, has reached yet another crucial and special milestone by winning the people’s trust.


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