HNB announces partnership with Gamma Pizzakraft Lanka

Working towards further improving customer convenience, Sri Lanka’s most digitally-savvy bank HNB PLC, signed on as the Internet Gateway Provider to Gamma Pizzakraft Lanka (Pvt) ltd, the single franchisee for Pizza Hut and Taco Bell in Sri Lanka.

The partnership will offer Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Sri Lanka e-commerce functionalities that will enable customers in making seamless, robust and secure payment experiences via HNB’s integrated e-commerce payment management service CyberSource.

Hatton National Bank PLC Head of Cards, Gauthami Niranjan and Director IT of Gamma Pizzakraft Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Duminda Kulathilake were present at the signing of the partnership.

“Given the pace of rapidly advancing technological solutions, we have seen a great turnout from many enterprises in adopting the HNB CyberSource facility. Therefore, we are pleased that this mechanism will strengthen the digital revolution taking place in providing an agile, secure and reliable payment gateway for all Sri Lankans alike.

Moreover, we believe this partnership will further boost customer confidence in online transactions,” HNB Head of Cards, Gauthami Niranjan said. The payment gateway facility offers the restaurant chain the opportunity to streamline customer experiences.

Moreover, CyberSource offers Pizza Hut& Taco Bellthe facility to provide tokens, the latest version of 3DS, and generate reports in real-time and a wide range of customizable options.

Director IT of Gamma Pizzakraft Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Duminda Kulathilake stated, “Our aim has always been to provide exceptional services to all our customers.


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