Cenmetrix partners Sadaharitha Plantations delivers RFID tree tracking solution in Sri Lanka

With the recent expansion drive in providing innovative automated RFID solutions across a range of industries, Cenmetrix partnered with Sadaharitha Plantations, to deliver a first of a kind in Sri Lanka, RFIDs to track the life cycle of a tree in their plantations.

In large areas such as plantations, like in any industry, RFID technology can be effectively used to track and manage assets and inventory.

With this solution, all historical data is tracked, so everyone with access to the tree tracking system can see dates and times of the activities involved in the plantation process.

The RFID nail tags can easily and securely be mounted into trees, enabling accurate real-time tracking, and supplying Sadaharitha Plantations the data needed to optimize processes, workflow and tree management. RFID nail tags are moisture and weather resistant and its stability across fluctuating temperatures ensure long term performance. Through the handheld readers, data of the trees are synchronized to a central software via a cloud based solution.

Cenmetrix Director Chittananda Kulatilake said, “We realized the need for evolving technology across the agro and agroforestry industries. It’s an effective way to free up labour so that labour can be allocated for value adding activities. What we have done here is inserting a nail tag which comes with an in-built microchip and antenna that can be read by a RFID scanning device. The scanner turns the radio waves into digital data. Our solution integrates hardware, the RFID tags, handheld scanners and cloud software to deliver real time results. The system is capable of tracking inventory as individual trees, rows and plots.”

“We were looking for a more efficient and digital way of tracking our trees, that allow us to have up to date information about the inventory and the cost of maintaining agarwood trees in a plot against the routine activities which include many aspects such as inspection, measuring, removing, replanting.


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