Young innovator Fahad Zaman gives boost to handloom industry

The award presentation for Eastern Province Entrepreneurs was held recently at Sainthamaruthu Le Meridian Hall, organized under the guidance of the Eastern Provincial Ministry of Industry and the National Enterprise Development Authority.

Managing Director of 4G Handloom Private Limited Bathurusman Fahad Zaman of Maruthamunai was awarded for the Best Handloom Manufacturing Enterprise in the Eastern Province.

The use of devices for traditional dyeing of weaving handlooms will receive a boost and the weaving communities will continue to flourish, with Bathurusman Fahad Zaman of Maruthamunai who is identified as a young innovative manufacturer in handloom products.

Maruthamunai village is situated along the Eastern Coastal Belt and is famous for the Manufacturing Industry of traditional handlooms, having an history in the production of garments such as Silk Sarees, Vestry, lungies, handkerchief, Shawls by dyeing them in the traditional formula. Fahad Zaman inherited this art from his foe-fathers dating back to 1931 in the industry.

Zaman’s main focus is on production with a difference in quality to attract the market. The essence of product is also maintained in terms of fulfilling the requirements, of different tastes of consumers. He has introduced a range of products such as Shirts, Salwars, lungies, handbags, shawls and textiles.

Zaman a vibrant young man and has received honors and recognition and has been rewarded for his achievements in this industry, having qualifications in the field of handloom garment manufacturing. His factories are located in Maruthamunai, Palamunai, Central Camp and Kolani.

“I have been involved in the handloom business for the past seven years. My grandfather had invested rupees 15 million in this business stream and has been operating around 45 handloom factories.”

“Today the market opportunity is excellent. Our products are available islandwide. We also have an online Sales Service and our products has gained fame overseas too.”

He said the industry should be empowered by providing government assistance in the form of interest free loans, awareness programmes on the use of handlooms , empowering the weavers with new technological assistance. The raw materials and machines should be provided tax free or on a subsidiary for import.


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