Allianz Lanka donates, installs clean drinking water system to rural school in Dolosbage

Allianz Lanka, recently completed the donation and installation of a clean drinking water system at the CP/GMP/Kelly Group Primary School on the Kelly Group Estate in Dolosbage.

Students of this school, who are mostly children of daily wage earners working at the local tea factory, are continuing their education with minimum facilities. Most have to walk about five kilometres each day to attend school and face further difficulties as there is no clean drinking water at the school, while parents are unable to do anything about this situation due to their own financial difficulties.

The Kelly Group Primary School is a rural school, located about forty six kilometres from the Kandy Education Zone in the Central Province, along the border between the Central and Sabaragamuwa Provinces, where 55 students are presently studying, amidst poor conditions. To help uplift the standard and quality of life of the students of this school, Allianz Lanka has installed a complete system to supply clean drinking water, including a 15-foot well, a fixed tower water tank, water pump and complete plumbing system.

Allianz Lanka Chief Marketing Officer Mangala Bandara said, “Sustainability is a key focus area for us and creating a safer and more sustainable future for our children, in alignment with UN Sustainability Goal No. 6, ‘clean water and sanitation for all’, is something that is important to us. During our work here, we also noticed that the electrical wiring system was in a hazardous state of disrepair, and that the outside walls of the school were severely dilapidated. Understanding the seriousness of the situation, we have also undertaken to repair the wiring system and have the walls repainted.”

The new drinking water system and refurbished school premises were ceremoniously handed over to the school authorities, by Allianz Lanka,in December 2022.CMO, Chief Marketing Officer Allianz Lanka, Mangala Bandara, together with representatives from the regional sales and management teams were also present at the event.


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