Bristol Institute offers the opportunity to gain competence in the futuristic landscape of International Business Management

The BA (Hons) in International Business Management offered by Bristol Institute is a degree that provides many career pathways that builds the knowledge of global markets and management and the challenges of conducting business across borders, allowing the opportunity to be able to work successfully in an international environment with modules covering everything from globalization to managing people in an international context.

Driven by the needs of organizations that operate globally, this top-up course emphasizes on skills development and equipping it’s participants with the knowledge and experience needed to have a solid grounding in the fundamentals of business management with a focus on the international dimensions of business.

From exploring international business theory and practice through a broad range of modules spanning international management, economics, finance and marketing, it will prepare participants to work in diverse environments and successfully manage the challenges and issues faced by people doing cross border business.

A team of experienced academics and industry veterans will teach participants the key qualities of international business management that will include successful organization across cultures, strategic choices in times of change and the operation of business unrestricted by national borders.

The Chief Operating Officer at Bristol Institute of Business Management Pvt Ltd, Mr. Dilshad Jiffry stated “ for those who aspire to work in the global business world and with multi-national companies, our course is the springboard for your career. You’ll critically evaluate the relationships between international business strategy and operational needs, learn how to provide creative and innovative solutions through the essential attributes of management and leadership. You will also be taught how to provide creative and innovative solutions through the essential attributes of management and leadership. We will teach you to contextualize business management and practice across a range of public, private, organizations in regional, national and global contexts.”

An additional benefit offered will be the opportunity for those having completed the CIM Professional Diploma, ACCA Knowledge and Skills, CIMA managerial level, the CIPM PQHRM, SQ HND, Pearsons HND and IBSL DABF, to be eligible to follow the final year of the BA (Hons) in International Business Management, thereby giving the opportunity to obtain a globally accredited degree along with their professional qualification.

With an unstinted reputation for developing internationally sought-after skills and knowledge in key areas such as transnational collaboration, use of technologies and global procurement and sourcing and the tools and commercial insight needed to launch a managerial career anywhere in the world, the BA ( Hons) in International Business Management by Bristol Institute is perfect for anyone seeking a managerial business career with a multinational enterprise or domestic company which trades internationally. Furthermore, the gained competence from this unique programme opens up numerous career opportunities in top positions such as an international business consultant, international marketing or strategic management positions at international and global levels.


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