Ceylon Miracle Journeys launch new luxury tram service to Ella

Ceylon Miracle Journeys Pvt Ltd in partnership with Sri Lanka Railways and the Ministry of Tourism has embarked on a new luxury Rail Service to from Colombo to Ella commencing from February 14.

The breathtaking experience offered in a premium luxury train will leave Colombo every Tuesday at 5.30 am and arrive at Ella 4 p.m. and at Badulla, while the five star trains will leave to Colombo on the following day at 6 a.m. and will arrive at 6 p.m. the same day.

A star class breakfast, lunch and tea will be served on route and is included with the price of the 99.99 dollar ticket.

On route the train will slow down at iconic locations such as Rambukkana, the Predeniya junction, a surprise cultural show at the iconic Kandy Railways Station, Nawalapiriya, Hatton, St. Clair Waterfall, Nanu Oya, Elgin Waterfall close to the Pattipola railway station, A fifteen minute stop to sight the beautiful Nine Arches Bridge and a ten minute stop at the Dremodara Loop.

Tickets can be booked online www.ceylonmiraclejourneys.com or from the corporate office of Ceylon Miracle Journeys Office Peliyagoda .

“Our new luxury rail service will offer passengers a new level of comfort, stunning scenery and utmost safety, while experiencing the natural beauties of Sri Lanka.

I would like to thank Sri Lanka Railways and the Ministry of Tourism for supporting us towards bringing this vision into reality, while simultaneously strengthening the economy through this tourism-friendly initiative,” stated Manoj Gunaseelan, Marketing Director at Ceylon Miracle Journeys Pvt. Ltd.


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