ISOBAR Sri Lanka wins ‘Most Effective Agency of the Year’ at Effies

ISOBAR Sri Lanka, the digital arm of the advertising agency group, Dentsu Communications, was bestowed the highest recognition as the ‘Most Effective Agency of the Year’ at the Effie Awards Sri Lanka 2022, making Isobar the first Sri Lankan digital agency to win this title.

This accolade is presented only to the agency that obtains the highest added points from all awards won and the most finalist entries at the Effie’s and Isobar Sri Lanka marks this historical win within just four years of operations in the local advertising industry.

Chairperson, Dentsu Grant Group Sri Lanka Neela Marikkar, says, “As the digital arm of the group, we are at the forefront of future proofing our clients brands. Winning the most coveted award ‘Most Effective Agency of the Year’ at the recently-held Effies yet again underscores the innovative thinking of our young team.”

“We are super proud of their work and also grateful to our clients for their confidence in ISOBAR’s ability to partner their marketing efforts to deliver high impact communication solutions for their brands.”

Vice President, Dentsu Communications Mohenesh Chamith Buthgumwa, says, “Winning the most effective agency award in record time and the first-ever Effie gold/s for a gaming campaign in Sri Lanka is a testament to our team’s hard work, commitment, and boundary-pushing creativity. As a young agency who challenges industry limits of what’s possible in advertising, we’re excited about the opportunities ahead and committed to delivering effective creative solutions to our clients.”

ISOBAR won handsomely at the Effies for its execution of effective digital communications for some of the leading brand names. The collaboration between Isobar and Convenience Food (Lanka)’s brand Sera KottuKottu resulted in Convenience food (Lanka) winning “Marketer of the year” and their brand Sera was able to secure “Brand of the Year”. The award winning collaborations included‘Breaking virtual ground with #GrandTheftKottu’ Social Media (Silver); ‘#GrandTheftKottu wipes the scoreboard as an innovative campaign’ – Media Innovation (Gold);‘#GrandTheftKottu, the new kid on the block’ – Packaged Food (Gold); and ‘Forget the matrix and the glitch. Think #GrandTheftKottu’ – Youth Marketing (Bronze).

ISOBAR contributed to the Silver Award in the Marketing Disruptors category for Jat Holdings’ ‘Mr. White’ campaign and for Softlogic life PLC – Insurance, Merit Awards for ‘The art exhibition’ and ‘Awakening your inner child’ campaigns.

ISOBAR Sri Lanka is the only Sri Lankan agency to receive a Global Rank of 93 amongst the TOP 100 agencies in the world in the Effie 2021 Global Rankings and is featured as No. 24 in the Top 25 APAC List.

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