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Keells Products provides customers with great savings on shopping

Providing customers more savings with access to lower priced, good quality products, was the main drive behind introducing the Keells own label range.

The range of Keells products are priced at 10% lesser than comparable products of regular brands and is of good quality .These prices are valid every day and not for a promotional period thus providing customers a significant saving every day.

They are priced competitively due to the minimum marketing and distribution costs incurred as they are products marketed by Keells itself. At the moment, the range has grown to include more than 350+ products in attractive packaging that is easily identifiable as Keells.

The range of Keells own label products covers majority of household needs and consists of essentials such as rice, pulses, eggs, oil, tea, coffee, spices, curry mixes, sauce, jam to a range of biscuits and to household items which include dish wash liquid, detergents, paper products and cleaners.

Uber Eats delivery partners awarded for service to the country during the pandemic

Uber Eats presented delivery partners with a variety of home appliances such as TVs, microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines and even a motorcycle to recognize their efforts for keeping vital supply lines open through the pandemic.
The top award of a brand new motorcycle at the Uber Eats ‘Delivery Bonanza’ was won by Neil De Lille from Colombo based on the number of trips and customer service he provided. Six awards were won by female Diviyata Diriya delivery partners, and other winners included those who were also highly engaged on the platform. A special gift was also given to Sirajudeen Mohammed Shazin, the first delivery partner on the Uber Eats platform in Sri Lanka. Delivery partners stayed out even during curfews and took on additional risks to ensure residents got essential supplies delivered to their doorsteps.

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‘Economic and social statistics do not indicate SL anywhere in the dumps’

The global C-19 pandemic during its current generations’ lifetime caused panic and curtailment of normal activities. However, newly published economic and social statistics do not indicate Sri Lanka is ‘anywhere in the dumps’ but managing the affairs well in many ways compared to most countries in the world.

SLTMobtel, Chairman Rohan Fernando made these observations at the annual National Chamber of Exporters (NCE) Awards ceremony held at Shangri -La in Colombo under tight health guidelines. Over 80 Sri Lankan exporters who rendered an invaluable service to prosper the country’s economy received awards. A unique feature of the event was recognizing a differently able person by export oriented enterprises.

“Resilient exporters’ are the living proof that they have found the ways and means to stay in business. Sri Lanka has the best ‘crop’ of entrepreneurs who can steer the country towards prosperity and the National Chamber of Exporters (NCE) is a cradle for these budding exporters,” Fernando noted.

He said it was the deeply embedded belief that for a country like Sri Lanka, exports were necessary for priming the economy and the NCE was responsible for driving this point home.

Speaking further, Fernando said he has a high regard for NCE as it has the ability and the encouragement to shape Lankan entrepreneurs as mentioned by the late Patrick Amarasinghe, a fearless proponent of market economy.

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