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Havelock City introduces ‘Ezy Pay Home Loans’ for apartment buyers

Havelock City, Sri Lanka’s premier mixed-use development project, has announced a new flexible payment solution, Ezy Pay Home Loans, for those looking to purchase a luxury apartment in Phase 3 (move-in ready) and Phase 4 (set for completion in May 2021). Ezy Pay Home Loans allows buyers to pay just 20% of their total investment upfront and move intotheir brand-new apartmentand defer further payments for up to one year. This grace period would allow for better cash management and more reasons to celebrate a brand-new home.

“We want our customers to feel at ease when they make the decision to purchase an apartment at Havelock City. Whether they seek to expand their property portfolio or wish to personally enjoy our unique ‘city within a city’ lifestyle, Ezy Pay Home Loans is the wisest, most convenient choice,” said Pravir Samarasinghe, Group CEO of Havelock City.

With an Ezy Pay Home Loan, potential buyers would be able to enjoy: Move-in ready apartments from LKR 35 million, Pay 20% and move into your luxury apartment,
CIC Poultry Farms widens chicken distribution

CIC Poultry Farms widens the CIC Besto chicken distribution island wide. CIC Chicken, the product reputed as one of the highest quality chicken available in Sri Lanka, offers their brand – ‘Besto’ which is available in most of the leading Supermarkets and groceries, at affordable prices.

The advanced technology and international food safety standards have earned customers’ trust for CIC Besto chicken as the safest chicken available in the country. Now ‘Besto’ stands as a unique brand for chicken and poultry products coming in 3 convenient packs as Family pack, Pre-cut skinless, and Pre-cut whole chicken. Besto Pre Cut normal and skinless versions come as whole chicken cut in to 12 pieces. “Today chicken is the cheapest available protein for Sri Lankans and CIC chicken is the least human handled product in the country. Our processing plant is a state- of- the-art automated plant equipped with modern technology.

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Sethsuwa Ayurvedic Hospitals opens Narahenpita Rajawasa Economic Center outlet

Sethsuwa Ayuevedic Hospitals has recently opened a new outlet at the Rajawasa Economic Center in Narahenpita.

All the ayurvedic products of Sethsuwa including Pranajeewa are available at the new outlet open from 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. daily.

Pranajeewa, the flagship product of Sethsuwa Ayurvedic Hospitals is now available in capsules. Pranajeewa, is an attempt to showcase traditional Sri Lankan medicine towards a modern-day audience. It is a medicine that has been produced with the utilisation of western scientific methods and processes, and has had its effectiveness proven through clinical trials. The product has received praise from its myriad of users across the globe as it is currently exported to many countries around the world.

Considering the busy lifestyle of the current generation and the demand for easy-to-use products, Sethsuwa Pranajeewa now comes in capsule form that can be easily carried and used anytime.

Sethsuwa Pranajeewa has proven that it can boost immunity thus shielding the user from non-communicable diseases, it helps maintain youthful vitality and promotes overall good health.

One of the unique features of Sethsuwa Pranajeewa which is produced with organic herbs using latest technology is the fact that it does not have any side effects.

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