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Digital X commits to empowering the nation with ‘Ad Tech’ inspired solutions for the digital age

Putting an end to the one-size-fits-all approach within the advertising industry, the futuristic Digital X harnesses the advance and sophisticated technologies to learn and unlearn organic human behaviour that drives real decision making. Founded on the vision to provide a one-stop digitally-driven platform to solve novel problems in advertising via creative communications supported by data-driven models, Digital X is truly one of its kind and an industry front runner that connects human, machine and intelligence to define evolving business horizons.
With Covid-19 having disrupted businesses and industries of all sizes in Sri Lanka and across the globe causing ongoing uncertainty, Digital X’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) based ‘ad-tech’ products with smart data management platform and AI integrated ecosystem help advertisers and partners to focus their marketing efforts on the best-performing digital channels and outdo the expected results. Established on the core values to drive digital transformation and inspire innovative and ground-breaking business models that complement shifting business paradigms, Digital X is an ideal ‘add-on’ for traditional and non-traditional ad agencies.
‘MessageHub’ – The one-stop platform set to revolutionize marketing and public relations via seamless communication

Keeping in par with evolving marketing, public relations and digital trends, messaging apps have become essential to everyday living. As a popular, real-time and effective tool for communication in the modern age, the rapid progress in messaging trends has resulted in many preferring text messages instead of email or social media. Messaging is a set of communication tools that are used as text-based communication between two or more participants via the internet. This can happen in real-time or campaign based depending on the necessity and platform. As such, ‘MessageHub’ has emerged as a one-stop, all-inclusive web-based solution that offers timely solutions for providers and users who predominantly work on messaging service campaigns and transactions.

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Amana Takaful’s Suwasiri offers hassle-free, ready-made health insurance to all Sri Lankans

Amana Takaful PLC (ATL) offers Sri Lanka’s first-ever lowest premium health insurance policy that can be obtained with minimum documentation.

Suwasiri is a simple yet valuable medical policy for all Sri Lankans. Lowest priced for just                   Rs. 2,222/- on a cover that extends to Rs. 100,000/- per annum. The old adage ‘health is wealth’ today can be construed to mean ‘you need to be rich to be sick’. Medical costs are soaring and almost impossible for a daily wage earner or even the domestic at home to seek remedy from a private hospital. Suwasiri takes the worry out! Even if you seek treatment from a government hospital as an ‘in-patient’ the policy provides a per day allowance up to 21 days. In addition, medicine and Laboratory and Radiology tests carried out at private institutions while being admitted to the Government hospital will also be reimbursed.

The process to obtain a Suwasiri is so simple it only requires a very basic proposal form and copy of the National Identity Card. This convenience facilitates a short turn-around time for the busy Executive, while for a factory worker, three-wheeler driver of the domestic at home it’s a hassle-free way of obtaining a medical policy.

ATL is committed to promote and uplift the health and wellbeing of all Sri Lankans by making healthcare simple, convenient and affordable.

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