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Get to know our food heroes

Living in a small house with mud-thatched walls which provides the only respite from the intense heat, Romesha and her family are no strangers to the effects of climate change. Although the single electric bulb hanging from the ceiling flickers and dies as the area is hit by yet another power outage, Romesha’s face is alight with excitement as she talks of her farmland – a place filled with trailing passionfruit vines, swaying coconut trees and neat rows of vegetable, fruit and nut plants.

“I love working in my field” says Romesha. “Even when I was laid up in bed with an injured spine after falling off a tractor, all I could think of was how soon I could get back to tending my crops”.

Romesha and Prasanna, a married couple, are smallholder farmers in Hambegamuwa, Monaragala. They grow and sell crops ranging from pumpkin, chillies, peanut, millet and coconut to earn an income and provide for their two sons, aged three and ten. Their farm which spans across two acres of land, is carefully and lovingly nurtured by the couple.
Hemas looks to route global multinationals in feminine skincare market

Hemas Holdings is looking to route global multinationals from their dominance in the feminine skincare market both locally and in the subcontinent through the introduction of their new Vivya range of skincare products.

The FMCG conglomerate hopes to corner the market through its better understanding of the consumer profile and honest motive of providing skincare treatment to its loyal customers.

Vivya’s range of products includes Advance Radiance Day Cream, Intense Restore Night Cream, Glow Face Wash, Purifying Deep Cleanser, and Skin Recharge Serum. The products were officially launched virtually on November 15.

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S&P gains while ASPI remains stagnant – Acuity Stockbrokers

The Bourse ended the week on a mixed note this week with ASPI decreasing by 7.82 points (or 0.07%) to close at 10,658.72 points, while the S&P SL20 Index increased by 58.63 points (or 1.62%) to close at 3,674.58 points.

Turnover & Market Capitalization

L O L C Finance was the highest contributor to the week’s turnover value, contributing LKR 12.06Bn or 32.74% of total turnover value. Expolanka followed suit, accounting for 12.89% of turnover (value of LKR 4.75Bn) while Sunshine Holding contributed LKR 2.45Bn to account for 6.66% of the week’s turnover. Total turnover value amounted to LKR 36.83 Bn (cf. last week’s value of LKR 38.24 Bn), while the daily average turnover value amounted to LKR 9.21 Bn (20.41% W-o-W) compared to last week’s average of LKR 7.65 Bn. Market capitalization meanwhile, decreased by 0.01% W-o-W (or LKR 0.35 Bn) to LKR 4,756.78 Bn cf. LKR 4,757.14 Bn last week.

Liquidity (Value & Volume)

Diversified Financials Industry Group was the highest contributor to the week’s total turnover value, accounting for 42.31% (or LKR 15.59Bn) of market turnover.

Industry Group’s turnover was driven primarily by L O L C Finance, L O L C Holdings and Comm Lease & Fin which accounted for 92.59% of the sector’s total turnover.

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