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National Chamber to explore family wealth planning

The National Chamber of Commerce officially launched the youth wing of their organization on 30 January at the National Chamber Office in Colombo 10.

The youth wing has previously organized a talk on entrepreneurship with the assistance of the chamber and is now formally a part of the organization. The youth wing aims for the coming year to organize workshops on family wealth planning and other charitable activities. The president of the youth wing of the organization is Dushinka Nelson.

National Chamber President Asela de Livera said, I am speaking to a room of inquiring young leaders. You can take positive use of technologies to build relationships across communities and throughout the globe. Today the younger generations want the planet to be cleaner, your friends and neighbors to be treated fairly with respect no matter their ethnicity, religion, or status. You are optimistic about the challenges we face like climate change and conflict. They should inspire you to make a change.
SriLankan Airlines reduces flights to China

SriLankan Airlines is rationalizing its services to China in accordance with current market conditions as per its long-held commercial policies, with a temporary reduction of frequencies to several cities.

This is to better reflect present passenger demand in the wake of a significant reduction in the number of Chinese travelers venturing overseas following the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus epidemic.

Many airlines have already reduced frequencies to China due to the drop in demand, reasons for which include restrictions by the Government of China on overseas travel of its own citizens. These include four Chinese airlines that operate between Colombo and several Chinese cities.

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Leisure sector content with Govts precautionary steps

Sri Lankas leisure sector based associations representatives expressed satisfaction on various steps taken by the government at Airports, Ports, Hospitals and other locations to curb the spread of the Coronavirus to Sri Lanka.

Travel representatives met with local Health Ministry disease control and airport top officials at the Tourism Ministry, who briefed them on the Coronavirus, the spread of it and steps taken to control it. We are happy with the precautions taken by the government.

It was disclosed that passengers arriving from China based flights are separated from other tourists and questioned and scanned before they are released.

If we find suspected cases through our advanced and World Health Organization(WHO) approved methods including thermal scanning, they would be send to the IDH Hospital in Angoda for further tests.

Senior Health Ministry officials assured that only one Corona Virus patient (Chinese) was identified and cured so far and four more Chinese and 14 Sri Lankans have been tested in 5 hospitals for the virus.

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