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Emirates pays tribute to Merrill J. Fernando

The shared passion that attracts like-minded organisations to each other was clearly articulated when Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, greeted Dilmah founder Merrill J. Fernando recently, on the occasion of the 90th birthday of the celebrated Sri Lankan entrepreneur and humanitarian.

The occasion coincided with Fernando’s 70th anniversary in the tea industry, and a video greeting from Darren Bott, Emirates Vice President – Catering, Global Food & Beverage captured the warmth and respect between the two companies, which have worked together for 28 years to serve a selection of Ceylon Teas created by Dilmah on Emirates flights across the globe.

“It goes without saying,” Bott said, “that you are an industry legend, absolutely a father figure of the international tea community. It is an absolute pleasure for me and the Emirates team to have worked alongside you for the past 28 years. As you know, at Emirates we take great pride in serving your tea selections on board, and over the course of our 28 year partnership we have together created some fantastic money-can’t-buy experiences for our guests.”

Huawei enters laptop segment launching Huawei MateBook D 15 in Sri Lanka

Huawei, announced the introduction of Huawei MateBook D 15, the latest addition to Huawei’s product portfolio in Sri Lanka. The Huawei MateBook D 15 laptop has a stylish and a minimalist design whilst focusing on a solid performance. Huawei has been steadily making a name in the laptop space and this MateBook D 15 with its innovative features presents more things to fall in love with it, which also depicts Huawei’s potential for developing laptops which offer best value for money.

At a glance, this midrange laptop has a stunning metallic finish with thin bezels and an 87% screen to body ratio. It weighs only 1.62kg including the HDD and its thickness is 16.95mm making it a highly portable and lite device.

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Sri Lankan Digital Signatures recognized globally

Chief Executive Officer Lanka Clear Channa De Silva said that Sri Lankan Electronic signatures would be globally recognized.

De Silva was speaking to the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce on May 13.

De Silva said on issues of cross border transactions the Sri Lankan root key was now recognized. Service providers within Sri Lanka can now work under that framework for digital signatures. The mutual recognition of electronic signatures is facilitated in part through the signing of trade agreements. Channa De Silva noted that the government had begun accepting digital documents. De Silva said it had already begun in a segment of the government as a pilot project.

The Electronic Transactions Act of Sri Lanka has a cross-cutting legal effect so other laws do not have to be changed for digitally-enabled documents to be valid in law. Director CERT Jayantha Fernando said, “notwithstanding anything required the digital transaction act recognizes the digital equivalent.”

Trade Facilitation Committee Member Dinesh De Silva said that recognition of digital signatures was integral for the fulfillment of the World Trade Organisation Regulation.

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