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New Study: IT Pros Are More Worried About Corporate Security than Home Security

IT professionals are 3X more concerned about the security of company financials and intellectual property than their home security
78 percent of organizations use more than 50 discrete cybersecurity products to address security issues; 37 percent use more than 100 cybersecurity products
Organizations who discovered misconfigured cloud services experienced 10 or more data loss incidents in the last year
Only 8 percent of IT security executives state that they fully understand the cloud shared responsibility security model
87 percent of IT professionals see AI/ML capabilities as a “must-have” for new security purchases
Redwood Shores, Calif., – Data security is creating fear and trust issues for IT professionals, according to the third-annual Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2020. The study of 750 cybersecurity and IT professionals across the globe found that a patchwork approach to data security, misconfigured services and confusion around new cloud security models has created a crisis of confidence that will only be fixed by organizations making security part of the culture of their business.

Lifebuoy Effective against COVID19 - Coronavirus in Laboratory tests

Lifebuoy is the first soap brand to confirm its liquid hand wash and alcohol-based hand sanitiser* are over 99.9% effective against COVID-19 Coronavirus1. It is expected that this will also be proven for many more hand hygiene products.

Years of research have shown that regularly washing hands with soap and water, as advised by public health authorities2, is highly effective against germs. The initial test results, conducted at the internationally accredited Microbac Laboratories, further contribute to the years of research, and shows that a liquid hand wash and an alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel, sold by Lifebuoy in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, can successfully inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.

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Sri Lankan Digital Signatures recognized globally

Chief Executive Officer Lanka Clear Channa De Silva said that Sri Lankan Electronic signatures would be globally recognized.

De Silva was speaking to the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce on May 13.

De Silva said on issues of cross border transactions the Sri Lankan root key was now recognized. Service providers within Sri Lanka can now work under that framework for digital signatures. The mutual recognition of electronic signatures is facilitated in part through the signing of trade agreements. Channa De Silva noted that the government had begun accepting digital documents. De Silva said it had already begun in a segment of the government as a pilot project.

The Electronic Transactions Act of Sri Lanka has a cross-cutting legal effect so other laws do not have to be changed for digitally-enabled documents to be valid in law. Director CERT Jayantha Fernando said, “notwithstanding anything required the digital transaction act recognizes the digital equivalent.”

Trade Facilitation Committee Member Dinesh De Silva said that recognition of digital signatures was integral for the fulfillment of the World Trade Organisation Regulation.

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