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The Hirdaramani Group partners with Parley for the Oceans on eco-innovation and ocean conservation efforts

Pioneering global apparel manufacturer, the Hirdaramani Group has partnered with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental organization, global collaboration network and leading player in the field of upcycling and repurposing plastic waste in apparel and footwear manufacturing industries.

Hirdaramani will be collaborating with Parley in a two-pronged partnership. In their business partnership, Hirdaramani will work to incorporate Parley Ocean Plastic® to its product range. In addition, the companies will work together on ocean conservation, eco-innovation, and beach clean-up initiatives. The collaboration is expected to open new opportunities within the Group’s existing customer base while exploring possibilities with new customers keen to use Parley Ocean Plastic® fabrics and accessories.

“Our vision is to create eco-innovative products for leading global brands and our partnership with Parley for the Oceans offers us new and exciting ways to achieve this vision.

NDB Introduces ZEE -The Ultimate Account for Today’s Youth

In addition to being fearless, Gen Zers are also digital natives who have embraced technology and all its conveniences.

Technology has become a way for them to express their individuality and stay connected, all at the same time. It is for this “always on” segment that NDB Bank introduces the brand new ZEE -Digital Youth Account - an exclusive digital journey, in the form of a Savings Account tailor made for the new generation.

NDB Zee opens up a world of infinite possibilities for the youth of this country between the ages of 18 to 28, with a digitally enhanced offering that will go hand in hand with the world as it is now and in the future.

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SMEs suffer from lack of exposure to entrepreneurial culture and modern technology - Minister Wimal

Although small and medium enterprises play a pivotal role in the social economic aspects, it . As a result, entrepreneurs are deprived of opportunities to participate in global value chains,’’ said Minister of Industries Wimal Weerawasna.

He made these remarks addressing the second Regional Conference on Industrial Development 9RCID) in Indonesia yesterday which was attended by President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, Minister of Industry Indonesia Argus Gumuwang Kartasasmita and several other officials.

It is estimated that the small and medium enterprises account for 90% of the total enterprises and 45% of the total employment opportunities in Sri Lanka. It has around one million establishments and provides livelihood for nearly 2.25 million families of the country.

“We all know resource utilization efficiency also plays a prominent role in sustainable development. Even though Sri Lanka is blessed with rich natural resources, and there is tremendous potential, those resources are generally underutilized. To overcome these difficulties, we are currently focusing on raising funds for research and development, developing technology transfer mechanisms, exposing Small and Medium Enterprises to modern technology in other countries and also developing support systems for quality improvement and marketing.”

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