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Sanctions-hit Russia pitches manufacture of its civil jet in India

Sanctions-hit Russia, which is going for import substitution in a big way, has proposed to manufacture its Sukhoi Superjet civil aircraft in India and the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is in talks with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

The plan is to manufacture the Superjet in Russia with Russian components and in India, set up manufacturing of Sukhoi Superjet international with foreign components, said Yury B. Slyusar, director general of UAC.

“We offered to the Indian side to assemble the Sukhoi Superjet with foreign-made components here in India in line with international technical specifications... Our plan is to manufacture in Russia with Russian components and in India to set up manufacturing of Sukhoi Superjet international, which can be built very fast...,” Slyusar said, speaking to a few journalists on the sidelines of Aero India last week. “On the request of HAL, we made a presentation and sent it to them and we are awaiting their feedback.”

Singer launches Smartboards for schools and offices

Singer (Sri Lanka), a company renowned for empowering Sri Lankans with cutting-edge technology, recently launched a brand-new range of all-in-one Flat Panel smartboards to help enhance the learning experience for students and office work within organisations.

This latest Smartboard can be used as a computer, projector or electronic whiteboard and makes teaching and learning much more for teachers and students alike.

The Smartboard comes with a variety of options for both educational and office purposes. This includes the ability to showcase presentations, documents, videos, music and much more. Its internal memory can be used as storage for documents, lesson plans and more to make teaching and office work much more efficient.

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Sri Lanka observes Protein Day 2023, Right To Protein launches Protein-O-Meter

As Sri Lanka observes Protein Day (27th of February) along with many countries, ‘Right To Protein’ – a public health awareness initiative has announced the launch of the first-ever protein calculator called ‘Protein-O-Meter’ in Sri Lanka.

Citizens can access the Protein-O-Meter tool by logging on to ‘Right To Protein’. Protein-O-Meter can help citizens to calculate their daily protein requirement basis individual information such as body profile, type of lifestyle and by sharing detailed inputs of the food consumed at different times of the day. The Protein-O-Meter can assess protein content in local cuisines and dishes. The goal of this tool is to showcase the protein gap in one’s diet, act as a reminder to all citizens to be aware of their protein goals and consume one-fourth of protein in every meal.

While protein is the most essential macronutrient for our overall well-being, protein deficiency continues to be a trigger for many health concerns. Experts in Sri Lanka suggest that awareness of protein foods, their benefits and long-term behaviour change among citizens is the need of the hour. To drive this mission, ‘Protein Day’ and tools such as the ‘Protein-O-Meter’ will help drive self-awareness and behaviour change.

This year, Protein Day observes the theme of ‘Easy Access to Protein for All’. The goal this year is to therefore draw attention to the accessibility of protein foods and encourage citizens to learn more about the many protein food choices available. The day will help drive nutritional education drive on protein at different platforms in the country, including social media-led mass awareness, supported by like-minded individuals, brands, organisations, experts, associations and more.

Join the movement, celebrate #ProteinDay today and take a step towards a more nutritionally secure world.

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