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Sri Lankan IVLP Alumnus brings impact of ‘Global Exchanges’ back

Community activist Chitral Jayawarna has worked towards his vision of a global egalitarian society for most of his professional career, through leadership positions with service organizations such as the Lions Club of Pita Kotte. But after participating in a 2019 International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on cross-border trade, the economist and public relations specialist returned to his home country of Sri Lanka with new inspiration on how to bring that vision to life, starting in his local community.

Throughout his exchange, Mr. Jayawarna met with public, private, and nonprofit sector counterparts across the U.S. who inspired him to think big and deepen his professional collaborations in Sri Lanka and around the world. Leveraging ideas from his newfound international network, he spearheaded three new community-based projects with the Lions Club of Pita Kotte to provide shoes for students in under-resourced areas; educate children on the importance of protecting the environment by engaging them in sustainable practices, such as tree planting; and raise awareness and knowledge of the novel coronavirus among the Sri Lankan community.

Debunking Nutritional Myths – What you really need to know

A healthy and a balanced diet is all the rage! The awareness of packing up the right nutrients in meals is a hot topic these days as we all search for the latest buzz on sustaining a healthy metabolism and immunity. One such nutritional resource is, margarine and fat spreads. However, over the years it has been subjected to many misconceptions and hearsay.

These claims may have come to you from well-meaning friends or relatives, but here’s the opportunity to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So, push the pause button on redistributing bits of false information and let’s debunk them.

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Bourse ends week on mixed note, ASPI increases

The Bourse ended the week on a mixed note as the ASPI increased by 46.87 points (or 0.98 percent) to close at 4,846.76 points, while the S&P SL20 Index decreased by 18.30 points (or 0.90 percent) to close at 2,016.08 points.

Turnover & Market Capitalization

JKH was the highest contributor to the week’s turnover value, contributing LKR 2.22Bn or 43.08 percent of the total turnover value. HNB followed suit, accounting for 13.75 percent of turnover (value of LKR 0.71Bn) while Commercial Bank contributed LKR 0.44Bn to account for 8.46 percent of the week’s turnover. Total turnover value amounted to LKR 5.15Bn (cf. last week’s value of LKR 8.05), while the daily average turnover value amounted to LKR 1.29Bn (-20.00 percent W-o-W) compared to last week’s average of LKR 1.61Bn. Market capitalization meanwhile, increased by 0.98 percent W-o-W (or LKR 21.91Mn) to LKR 2,265.99Bn cf. LKR 2,244.08Bn last week.

Liquidity (in Value Terms)

The Capital Goods Industry Group was the highest contributor to the week’s total turnover value, accounting for 46.31 percent (or LKR 2.39Bn) of market turnover.

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