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‘Educated youth should be given priority in national development’

Unemploment of educated youth (UEY) having minimum of GCE (OL) withing the age group of (15-24) should be given high priority in the national development plan, said Senior Professor, in Applied Statistics, University of Moratuwa, T.S.G. Peiris.

He suggested that it is necessary to consider a separate age category 18-24 rather than 15-24. in the labour force surveys conducted by Department of Census and Statics.

“According to the job market requirements, the secondary level and the tertiary level education system needs to be updated and the skills needs to be developed so that it would not be difficult for the females to find suitable jobs and contribute to the labour force.”

Further, in order to increase the women involvement in labour force, it’s essential to initiate flexible working hours in companies either on shift basis or as part time work, so that it would be a support for the females in balancing their personal life and work life simultaneously.

Hayleys Plantations wins 6 NBEA awards

Kelani Valley Plantations PLC (KVPL) consolidated its reputation as one of Sri Lanka’s most respected plantation crop producers when it was presented with the Gold Award for Overall Excellence at the National Business Excellence Awards 2019.

The second plantation company to win the prestigious title, KVPL follows the footsteps of its sister company Talawakelle Tea Estates PLC (TTEL) which was crowned the Overall Winner, an honour typically reserved for large blue-chip companies, the previous year.

The prestigious award was presented to the victorious KVPL team at a gala event by South Africa’s Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Robina Patricia Marks.

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Sri Lanka plans to roll out its first structured promotional campaign

After repeated delays in the past years, Sri Lanka will finally roll out its first structured promotional campaign to uplift the tourism industry, Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority said.

“We as a government will be going ahead with various promotional campaigns which have been delayed for 4 - 5 years. Going forward we have already set up the action plans to get the promotional campaigns going, which would assist the French-speaking market as well,” Fernando, said whilst addressing a media conference in Colombo today (21).

The conference was held in the presence of Chandra Wickramasinghe, the Chairman and Managing Director of Connaissance de Ceylan and Theme Resorts & Spas, State Minister of Tourism Promotion Affairs and Aviation, Arundika Fernando, Michelle Salaün, the Chairman of Salaün Holidays.

“Sri Lanka never had a structured promotional campaign. We have to accept that. The conservative government really has never had it. This whole thing came into a lot of criticism only after the 21st of April. But in reality, we never had one proper 3 - 5 year plan,” Fernando stressed.

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