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MAS Holdings supports the Government of Sri Lanka in the battle against COVID-19

Setting a precedent for public-private partnerships of the future, leading corporates such as MAS Holdings are stepping-up to support national efforts in controlling the transmission of COVID-19 by leveraging their industry expertise. As the protection of frontline workers becomes paramount, MAS Holdings has been addressing the growing demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) across Sri Lanka and the world, equipping healthcare professionals in their crucial role in the fight against COVID-19.

Collaborating with Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health and the Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF), MAS Holdings has thus far distributed close to 20,000 PPE to over 100 institutions island-wide. This includes the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Hospitals including the IDH, the General Hospitals of Colombo, Kandy, Kalutara, Hambanthota, Trincomalee, Ragama, Welikanda, Homagama, Jaffnaand Kilinochchi among many others. MAS also supported the Sri Lanka Navy, the 1990SuwaSeriyaambulance service and the Sri Lanka Police with much needed PPE.

Litro Gas Lanka raises in supply and delivery response

Litro Gas Lanka Ltd, Sri Lanka’s undisputed market leader and supplier of LP Gas to the nation stepped up a multi-faceted and swift response to serve Sri Lankans island-wide in order to ensure they had an uninterrupted supply of Litro Gas during the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Adopting the stance ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe – We will deliver Litro Gas to your Doorstep’, Litro Gas deployed the Company’s dealer network to augment their home delivery promise.

Litro Gas initially deployed 500 dealers and then expanded to over 1000 and consequently became the first conglomerate, which fulfilled customer requirements swiftly without any shortages, during this difficult period.

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MTI launches ‘Trim & Fit’ for post Covid challenges, opportunities

Based on how businesses world over have responded to previous economic crisis and their own international experience (assignments in over 45 countries over 23 years), MTI Consulting has launched the latest version of ‘Trim & Fit’ – specifically to meet the post Covid-19 challenges and opportunities.

MTI’s Trim & Fit Approach is a Performance-Driven Consulting Solution to help companies to prevail (not just survive) the tough times and seize upside opportunities.

It takes a ‘direct-2-bottomline’ route, thus ensuring sustainable results with the optimum level of resources. The entire process of change is lean and effective, which is further reinforced in the recommendations and outcomes.

Addressing international media on the launch of ‘Trim & Fit’, MTI’s CEO Hilmy Cader said, “a common feature in all financial crisis’ that the world has faced over since the Tulip Crisis in 1637 to current Covid-19 Crisis, is the failure of some of the strongest companies that enjoyed meteoric rise in the good times. Research clearly shows that, how companies respond to the crisis, is what separates the ‘living’ from the ‘departed’.”

According to MTI, Most organizations tend to cut costs indiscriminately, freeze all forms of developmental work and adopt a ‘wait & see’ approach.

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