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Ceylon Chamber highlights Importance of ‘Safe Return to Work’ Roadmap

With curfew being lifted in most districts and phased efforts by the authorities to help employers and their employees return to work this week, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is keen to emphasize vigilance in implementing a framework to promote a safer workplace.

As the economy begins to restart and doors to traditional workplaces open, employers face challenges in reorganizing and protecting their places of business.Elaborating on the challenges presented to businesses, Manjula de Silva, Chamber CEO said, “While welcoming the Government’s decision to enable all private sector entities to resume operations from Monday, 11th May, we urge all our member companies to exercise their discretion to request only a minimum number of staff to report to work at a given time. This is very important in order to maintain social distancing in our workplaces as well as to reduce the pressure on public transport facilities.

We encourage companies to use a roster to determine who should report to work at a particular time and to allow those employees who can work productively from home to continue doing so.”

Litro Gas Lanka raises in supply and delivery response

Litro Gas Lanka Ltd, Sri Lanka’s undisputed market leader and supplier of LP Gas to the nation stepped up a multi-faceted and swift response to serve Sri Lankans island-wide in order to ensure they had an uninterrupted supply of Litro Gas during the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Adopting the stance ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe – We will deliver Litro Gas to your Doorstep’, Litro Gas deployed the Company’s dealer network to augment their home delivery promise.

Litro Gas initially deployed 500 dealers and then expanded to over 1000 and consequently became the first conglomerate, which fulfilled customer requirements swiftly without any shortages, during this difficult period.

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Local fisheries development has highest potential for growth

Sri Lanka is not simply an island in the Indian Ocean. It is an island with perhaps the largest-sea around it. Located in center of the world map, it show the limitless ocean and its’ resources that Sri Lanka has easy access to.

Canned Fish Manufacturers Association of Sri Lanka (CFMASL), President. Shiran Fernando  said,   President  Gotabaya Rajapaksa has  seen the  requirement  and  the potential of  having well developed  local industries.  Therefore the aquatic resources that our sea can provide can alone make this country self-sufficient-in our food and nutritional needs. The recent COVID -19 demonstrated the importance and value of having an active fishing industry in the country. This industry can provide opportunity not only to feed our population but for ample export revenue for the country as well. Had the fishing industry been at a level where total local requirement is produced in the country, not only would we have nutritionally sufficient ‘without imports’ and would not undergone the shortages and price ‘hikes for this essential food ‘ as we did, he said.

Potential for investment

Commenting on the  potential for  investment he said, while Sri Lanka does not even produce the canned fish to feed the local population Thailand which has a much smaller sea area (316,000 km2) than Sri Lanka  (517,000 km2) is processing 800,000 tons of fish annually. There by making them the 4th Largest-Tuna canned fish exporters in the world.

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