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MRIA to play larger role in crew, passenger, cargo operations

The Mattala International Airport (MRIA) will play an even bigger role in the future not only as a hub for crew changers, but for passenger and cargo movements as well, Board member of Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd, Tilak Weerasinghe said.

He said that the Katunayake International Airport is forced to operate half of its capacity due to the Covid-19 health guidelines and hence MIRA has to be used as an alternative airport. It takes around 5 hours to clear passengers from one aircraft due to new health guidelines limiting the capacity of BIA.

During the last three weeks MRIA handled 15 aircraft movements also bringing in the much needed revenue to the airport.

Weerasinghe said that several infrastructure facilities were added to MRIA to speed up crew changes where minimal contact is there between immigration and passengers. New glass screens were installed and passenger announcements systems too were installed. “It’s easy to add infrastructure to MRIA as it’s a new airport and is smaller in size.”
‘MessageHub’ – The one-stop platform set to revolutionize marketing and public relations via seamless communication

Keeping in par with evolving marketing, public relations and digital trends, messaging apps have become essential to everyday living. As a popular, real-time and effective tool for communication in the modern age, the rapid progress in messaging trends has resulted in many preferring text messages instead of email or social media. Messaging is a set of communication tools that are used as text-based communication between two or more participants via the internet. This can happen in real-time or campaign based depending on the necessity and platform. As such, ‘MessageHub’ has emerged as a one-stop, all-inclusive web-based solution that offers timely solutions for providers and users who predominantly work on messaging service campaigns and transactions.

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VS ONE Bangladesh partners to implement IFS Applications 10 to IFAD Autos

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that IFAD Autos Limited, a leading automobile distributor in Bangladesh with strong growth in the commercial vehicle market, will deploy IFS Applications 10 as its ERP backbone for business processes such as Finance, Supply Chain, Credit management and Recovery across its business. The project will be implemented by IFS partner VS ONE Bangladesh.

Following a comprehensive evaluation process that included a number of major ERP vendors, IFAD Autos chose IFS Applications 10 due to its versatile product features and ability to manage all core processes in a single, integrated platform. The solution will provide the company with complete process visibility in real time as well as improved information accuracy across its operations.

“We are impressed with the capabilities of VS ONE Bangladesh team and IFS Applications and are delighted to work with two global companies with such successful track records,” said Ms. Shejuti Ahmed Director IFAD Autos Limited. “We are confident that IFS will deliver a quick and efficient project and pave the way for process improvements and enhanced efficiencies.”

Shiraz Lye, Managing Director and VP Sales for IFS in South Asia, added, “It is a significant milestone in our journey to provide our services to an organization such as IFAD Autos Limited. We are confident that IFS Applications 10 will bring about great improvements in efficiency, as well as greater visibility and integrity throughout the company’s vast scale of operations”.

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