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Six organic cassava processing and fruit dehydration plants to be set up

Starch Industries Pvt. Ltd, (a Sri Lankan agri pharma company) and Via Agri Pvt. Ltd (into agriculture and fruit processing) which entered into a joint venture will initially invest over USD 5 million to set up plants to process organic cassava and for fruit dehydration.

“We will initially set up one factory in the North Western province and subsequently add five more factories within the next two years, said Group - Managing Director, Via Tropic Foods (Pvt) Ltd, LTD T. H. Cambal. He said that construction of the first factory will commence in November and would be ready by February. He said that several foreign parties are involved in this project and they also hope to channel foreing Debt funding as well.

In a bid to create a local raw material base we will also establish plantations and a farmer network of up to 30,000 acres to grow organic cassava to supply the starch processing factory.

DSI Tyres increases manufacturing capacity by 60%

The DSI Tyres Company, through constant innovation and research, introduced high quality products and has increased its manufacturing and production capacity by 60%. The company constantly aims to make the customers’ driving experience a smooth and convenient one. It has a 60% stake in the motorcycle tyres market and a 55% hold in the three-wheeler tyres market, thereby becoming the market leader and the trusted brand of customers.

DSI Tyres Company, by using new technology, introduced the Gen X motorcycle tyre which was manufactured and produced according to scientific research which contained a special pattern of cut grooves. This was done in a bid to minimize motorcycle related accidents which were increasing. The Gen X tyre has also been manufactured and produced with a Neon Effect that allows for the driver to be identified easily at night.

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SL Telecom commemorates ‘World’s Elders Day’ with HelpAge

Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT), the national telecommunication service provider recently organized an seminar jointly with HelpAge Sri Lanka (HASL) to coincide with the ‘World’s Elders Day’ which fell October 1.

The seminar was conducted under the theme “Caring for elders and to create an environment for them to live with dignity”. About 80 HR executives and SLT trainees attended.

SLT decided to hold this seminar with Sri Lanka’s one of the oldest social service providers, HelpAge to create the awareness of SLT staff members on the importance of helping elderly population without making indiscrimination to this needy sector.

SLT, Chairman Rohan Fernando highlighted the invaluable service rendered by HelpAge by organizing such seminars to create the society on the importance of this needy sector considering the pathetic living situation of some elders who are completely isolated and neglected by people in the society.

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