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‘Horakadawela’ paddy land re-cultivates after 30 years

Wilahena United Youth Association has resumed re-cultivation (Asweddeema) of the 60 acre Horakadawela paddy land in Gonawala, Biyagama Agrarian Service Division, in the Gampaha District, which had not been cultivated (Puran Kubura) for about 30 years.
This cultivation of this project was led by Ven. Nandasiri Thera of Moratuwa the Chief Incumbent of Gonawala Vilahena Siri Kariyapperuma Viharaya. The Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agrarian Services and Biyagama Pradeshiya Sabha assisted in the cultivation of Horakadawela under the National Programme for Cultivation of Barren Paddy lands.

The Biyagama Pradeshiya Sabha sponsored the Development of a Section of the Central Cannel (Meda Ala) that flows through the Horakadawela paddy land. The Department of Agrarian Services provided assistance for the clearing of the dense forest at Horakadawela. A Sri Lankan living in Japan donated an excavator. Ven. Moratuwe Nandasiri Thera, Vilahena Eksath Tharuna Kela and farmers in the area geared up the paddy land, with the monies collected for their personal use,
Supplies from Pelwatte Dairy steady

Pelwatte Dairy Industries Limited (PDIL) has not slowed down its production or output but is effectively navigating Sri Lankan diary industry’s annual “Lean Season of December-April” sequence.

Susantha Malwatte, the Deputy General Manager of Pelwatte Dairy Industries Limited said “There is no truth in the social media reports which incorrectly hint at suspension of PDIL production or sudden shortages of Pelwatte products. Pelwatte factories are continuing their production runs as usual. There is only the predictable dip in the output levels due to the annual “December-March” industry output decline. This is the usual Seasonal Lean Period of Dairy Farmers’ output experienced during December-March period. This is not specific only to Pelwatte Dairy but regularly experienced by all Sri Lankan dairy producers and the industry supply chain.

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Ogilvy Redworks, stepping into a decade of excellence

Redworks, the specialized corporate communications arm of Phoenix Ogilvy Group completed a successful year in 2021 by gaining momentum in performance despite the challenging business environment.

Redworks is backed by one of the most diversified communications agencies in Sri Lanka, the Phoenix Ogilvy Group. Thereby, the company has gained the competitive advantage to leverage on the unique strengths and competencies of the creative and digital expertise of the Ogilvy Group.

Redworks moves into its 10th year of operations in 2022and has positioned itself as a formidable player in the corporate communications arena by partnering with many leading corporate entities to shape the strategy, content, and visual expression of their Annual Reports to shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders.

Reflecting on this milestone Irvin Weerackody, Chairman of Phoenix Ogilvy Group highlighted, “Redworks has over the years demonstrated a steady growth trajectory. I am happy to witness the progressive strides made and thesuccess achieved thus far in elevating the standards of corporate reporting in Sri Lanka.”

Partnering with leading listed corporate entities to produce epic Annual Reports, Redworks was recognized at the recently concluded 56th Annual Report Awards organized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Sri Lanka.

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