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Abans in partnership with LG introduces Inverter Air Conditioner to SL

Abans PLC, is proud to announce its partnership with LG Electronics to introduce the LG Dual Cool Energy-Efficient Inverter Air Conditioner, the only air conditioner in the market to carry the prestigious Carbon Footprint Label.

The Carbon Trust, based in the UK, has certified that the LG Dual Cool Energy-Efficient Inverter Air Conditioner meets all the requirements to carry the Carbon Footprint Label, making it the most environmentally friendly air conditioner on the market.

The LG Dual Cool Energy-Efficient Inverter Air Conditioner is packed with features that make it a game-changer in the air conditioning market.

For example, the HD filter mesh with a specialized coating deactivates more than 99 percent of viruses and bacteria on contact. To be precise, it eliminates up to 99.76 percent of viruses and up to 99.99 per cent of bacteria.

Emirates recycles plastic and glass with discarded bottles onboard 

Emirates has recycled more than 500,000 kilograms of plastic and glass over the course of 2022, by collecting discarded bottles onboard for repurposing. 500,000 kilograms is almost the same weight as a fully loaded Emirates flagship A380 aircraft.

Onboard every flight that lands in Dubai, Emirates Cabin Crew work hard to quickly separate glass and plastic bottles, before they are sent to a recycling plant in Dubai. The glass is separated by colour and crushed. This ‘cullet’ or recycled glass that is ready to be re-melted, is then sent to glass manufacturers in the UAE to include in their batch mix for new bottles.

The plastic bottles are cleaned, chopped into flakes, melted into pellets, and sent to manufacturers to make other plastic products.

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Raising Capital on Colombo Stock Exchange – Insights by listed Corporates

Listing on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) has consistently been one of the largest sources of capital raising for corporates in Sri Lanka for over 37 years.

Two hundred and ninety companies are presently listed on the CSE across 20 industry groups.

A CSE listing provides companies with an opportunity to benefit from financial flexibility, improved access to capital, an increased local and global profile, access to liquidity, strategic partnerships and improves several other aspects of the business. The ability to tap into global capital without the restrictions inherent in traditional lending terms is a powerful tool and attractive proposition.

In this interview and as part of an interview series featuring leaders of CSE Listed Companies, we gather the views of K.M.M Jabir, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Orient Finance on life as a CSE listed company. The shares of Orient Finance PLC (BFN.N000) commenced trading on the CSE in 2011 on the Main Board under the ‘Diversified Financials’ sector.

Q: Raising funds via the exchange is an effective alternative to traditional funding means. What were your reasons for accessing funds for growth via the public market?

A: We wanted to establish ourselves as a trusted financial service provider that is transparent and ethical in our business operations with an emphasis on adapting best practices and corporate governance framework in our business operations. As a listed organization, that is governed by strong fundamentals, we portray the stability and strive for sustained growth, so that we can give value additions to all our stakeholders.

Another key reason for listing was as it is a cost-effective approach and the ability to access public funds and exposure in the global front for organization’s growth increases our growth potential which is advantageous for the organization as well as our investors.

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